Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today is Tuesday 1/11/11 or 11/1/11

To quote Leonard Nimoy on Fringe ... "There is a storm coming." The northeast is going to get hit tonight into tomorrow. Nimoy as William Bell was referring to the collision of two universes as one is slowly being destroyed. Everything is part of a greater plan ... and metaphoric in content.

Getting away from the news, we come to an email from a reader named Kirill Popov asking if I would post about another ancient civilization not far from where he lives in a place called Arkaim. This fits right in with the lost civilizations I blogged about at the end of 2010 that link to Ancient Alien Theory.

    At this level of consciousness, or our current program, we believe this is all real and we create our reality (false). Kick it up a notch and to discover we are allegedly created by design by aliens after a fashion to study behavior. They too are not the creators but believe themselves to be as per their programming. At the apex of the design we find the consciousness that creates it all, using many integrated programs and architectural designs, knowing all of it is nothing more than a giant illusion.

Arkaim is another program insert - a city created by aliens as another playground on planet Earth in which they could study humanity by creating another hybrid race encoded with their DNA. All races on planet Earth have always been hybrids as is your experience today. This might help explain the feelings - "I don't belong here" - "I will be-leaving/believing soon" - etc. It would seem that each insert allowed the native population to gain knowledge about science and math and more to create things far ahead of their timeline that we would discover today to piece together the knowledge of who we are and how we came to be here.

As always we can't have an Earth insert with a link back to Zoroaster aka Zarathustra aka Z. (see below) ;)

As to the myth, math, and metaphors of Arkaim ... in 2011 you have to discover them on your own. This discovery is replete with everything from sacred geometry to ....

Kirill/Krill Connecton -- There was an alien connection to the name Krill that came to mind when I received the email from Kirill. The Krill Report written by Joshua Shapiro back in the day he came here with his crystal skulls. The report names O.H. Krill which lead me to designer O. H. Ammann who built the Verrazano Bridge just outside my home. Amaan is also a lead character in my book "2012 Sarah and Alexander" ... and the beat goes on. They are all the same.

.. So let's explore the ruins and don't forget the video link posted below. This link has some cool music. Close your eyes and be there.

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