Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Collapse of Time

Here we are watching the end times of the program as old paradigms collapse in the illusions of time. You will see unrest everywhere as souls sense a need to be free - that the old ways don't work and never did. This goes beyond politics, religion, economics, Earth changes, and everything else you see that is no longer supported as the grids that create the hologram blip out of existence.

Egypt is the place to watch for that is/was the beginning. The storyline moved from Orion and Sirius to Egypt, set in motion to be played out in physical time. The great Pharaoh Akhenaten did not believe in the worship of stone idols. He tore them down. Today the news showed people surrounding the Cairo Museum so its famous collection of antiquities would not be destroyed. These are just part of the stories - especially for those who played in the Atlantean, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern programs, later moving to Europe and east to the American continent, Canada, etc. The journey is concluding, but you know that.

There are several ways to view what is happening:

    with an understanding of how, why, and approximately when things will end

    still questing in sacred sites, texts, and elsewhere for answers that bring more questions

    still holding onto the old ways - the old hologram - and believing it will reinvent itself

Tick tock! Time is ending! Wait for it.