Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Another snowstorm brings 3-5 more inches to the city. Sadly the new snow is pilling up on top of the old, with freezing temps predicted for the weekend. Temperatures around the country are well below normal.

The highlight of the weekend will be the final football playoff championship games on Sunday - the AFL (Jets vs. Patriots at Pittsburgh) and the NFL playoffs (Bears vs. Packers in Chicago).

For us Sci fi fans, Fringe returns tonight with an episode called "The Firefly". The Observers are back, yet nothing about Fringe connects anymore. The mythology and related messages are gone. Olivia and Peter are no longer together. The golden opportunity presented to Walter as the owner of Massive Dynamics has never been explored, not to mention the dynamics between the main characters has somehow gotten lost in all the universe hopping. Many predict the move to Friday night signals the show will be canceled after this season.

The firefly symbolizes awakening, illumination, new ideas, guidance, attraction, energy, hope, and creativity. Let's see if this applies to Friday night's storyline.


January 21 - February 18, 2011 -- Sun in Aquarius

Happy Birthday to the Aquarius Readers!

Sun in Aquarius Wikipedia

Best Humanitarian Stories of the Week

  Giffords moves to rehab facility Friday   AP - January 20, 2011

Fresh from a sunny outing that brought a smile, Gabrielle Giffords is moving to a Houston rehab center where her husband hopes the "fighter" continues on the path to a full recovery. University Medical Center staffers took the wounded congresswoman to a deck at the hospital Thursday, where she breathed in the fresh air and felt the sun, trauma surgeon Peter Rhee said. "I saw the biggest smile she could gather," Rhee said. "We are very happy to have her enjoying the sunshine of Arizona."

I love technology ...

  Daughter snatched from hospital reunited with mom 23 years later   CNN - January 20, 2011

In 1987, an anguished, trembling Joy White pleaded for someone to help her find her infant daughter. "I hope she's all right," the heartbroken mother told reporters at the time before collapsing in tears. Now, 23 years later, White is crying tears of joy as the decades-long mystery of her missing daughter reached a happy ending.

Earth Changes 2011: What's Going On

The ongoing storm and flood situation takes us to Arkstorms or Superstorms in areas of the Pacific Ring of Fire that could cause as much damage as a major earthquake as they hit like a tsunami.

Earthquake and tsunami activity continue to hit already weakened and sinking tectonic plates.

Readers email about swarms of 5 and 6+ earthquakes in their areas that only make the local news.

Google Earth can be used to track earthquakes.

People see, channel, and dream about massive natural disasters.

Planetary shifts and meltdowns are not localized to Planet Earth, but to the solar system and the universe. Scientific publications tell of the physical changes to all of the local planets. As all is part of the same hologram, created by the same geometry, it is all imploding together.

On planet Earth we find:

  • unknown government testing programs
  • release of methane from the ocean floor after major earthquakes
  • shifting poles
  • aliens, prophecies, related theories
  • increase in unexplained phenomena

Strange Claim: The Sun Rose 2 Days Early in Greenland   Live Science - January 19, 2011

    Residents of a town on the western coast of Greenland may have seen the sun peek over the horizon 48 hours earlier than its usual arrival on Jan. 13, sparking speculation, and disagreements, over possible causes. The town of Ilulissat sits just above the Arctic Circle, meaning its residents had been without any sunlight for a good chunk of the winter, and traditionally they'd expect to see their "first sunrise" on Jan. 13.

    News that the sun had peeked over the horizon on Jan. 11 appeared online in British and German-language publications and it appears to trace back to a story by the Greenland broadcasting company KNR that quotes residents who noticed the change. Of about half a dozen scientists contacted, most were unaware of the report, which was circulating on the Internet. They offered a number of hypothetical explanations, including an illusion caused by an atmospheric effect and conflicting opinions about whether global warming might be to blame for melting along the edges of Greenland's ice sheet. With less ice, Greenland's elevation may take a dip such that the sun would have less distance to travel before appearing over the horizon.

My supervolcano of choice to blow at the end -- Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells   National Geographic - January 19, 2011

    Yellowstone National Park's supervolcano just took a deep "breath," causing miles of ground to rise dramatically, scientists report. The simmering volcano has produced major eruptions three times in the past 2.1 million years. Yellowstone's caldera, which covers a 25- by 37-mile swath of Wyoming, is an ancient crater formed after the last big blast, some 640,000 years ago.