Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 G8 Summit

While "you were sleeping" more details came out by Edward Snowden and others concerning what country is eavesdropping on the others ... not to mention its citizens ... as if everyone didn't already know this was going on forever. We now go to Ireland and the 2013 G8 Summit ... focus on what to do about the very serious situation in Syria. Obama and Putin are well divided on this matter. You remember Putin ... another politician who has been in the news after announcing he is divorcing ... enter the younger lover ... and the matter of a "stolen" Superbowl ring that once belonged to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Though trust is important ... if you were one of these leaders ... who would you trust? Does anyone ever tell the truth? Life is like a TV soap opera based on lies and sex which is the reason whistleblowers are programmed to come forward. Monarchies, governments, the Church ... look at their histories from the beginning to see the same patterns repeated. Today, thanks to the obvious insertion and development of technology in this timeline ... the average citizen gets to see the truth unveiled.

Remember all those metaphysical metaphors and blogs in the 1990's about the "veils" being lifted ... well, this is part of it. It was about the veil in sur"veil"lance. Politicians and the church may hold the power while the rest of the souls are programmed to do their biding ... as if puppets or slaves ... but in end times ... it's all upgrading to a new platform ... better ... faster ... aimed at freeing the souls ... so sit back and watch events quickly unfold ... unless you are programmed to get out and fight. Good luck with that.

On a personal level ... I spent Father's Day in Connecticut where I meet some very interesting people who hold money and power. One thing everyone agrees on - the world has gone crazy. Did I mention my theories to them? No. As with most people - when they are programmed to get it - they will. Along with the truth ... and the fall of dynasties ... will come a Major Event - the first domino ... that catalyzes the end. There are those who believe that happens with the insert of extraterrestrial interaction - but I don't see it. At this point in the timelines - if ETs are watching and not helping - they are not the good guys. If they created this reality based on their programming to experience emotions - their experiment is ending. I don't know why I'm so certain about this - but I am.

Also shaking and breaking ...

Did you also note the ongoing increase in earthquake activity in Crete over the past few days? Something is building along with the Pacific Ring of Fire - focus on Mexico and South America.

On Monday ... let this week's games begin...

  CNN Poll: Obama approval falls amid controversies   CNN - June 17, 2013
President Barack Obama's approval rating dropped eight percentage points over the past month, to 45%, the president's lowest rating in more than a year and a half, according to a new national poll.


  3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so   USA Today - June 17, 2013
In a roundtable discussion, a trio of former National Security Agency whistle-blowers tell USA TODAY that Edward Snowden succeeded where they failed.

Guardian: UK spies hacked foreign diplomats' phones, emails at conferences   Washington Post - June 17, 2013
The Guardian newspaper says that the British eavesdropping agency GCHQ hacked into the emails and phones of foreign diplomats at international conferences to get an edge in high-stakes international negotiations.


The Group of Eight (G8) is a forum for the governments of eight of the world's eleven wealthiest countries with a broad range of global interests and with a collective responsibility and opportunity to use its influence to address some of the most pressing issues in the world. Foreign Ministers addressed a number of international issues, challenges and opportunities that impact on global peace, security and prosperity. One of their main goals this year is to bring the killing in Syria to an end.

Beyond exchanging views and coordinating actions on the pressing foreign policy issues of the day, they made a number of commitments as set out below and in the separate Declaration on the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict. Read more ...

  G8 Northern Ireland summit: Syria set to top agenda   BBC - June 17, 2013
World leaders are gathering in Northern Ireland for a G8 summit set to be dominated by the conflict in Syria. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said he hoped the G8 nations would focus on "common ground" on the issue of bringing peace to Syria. Obama and Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin will meet to discuss their differences on Syria's civil war, while thousands of police are securing the summit from protests.

The 2013 G8 summit will be held in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland on June 17-18. The United Kingdom, which holds the rotating G8 presidency, will set the agenda. In an open letter to other G8 leaders, Prime Minister David Cameron outlined his countryƕs priorities for the upcoming G8 summit, indicating a focus on three main areas ... Read more ...

Lines Blur in US-Europe Debate on Austerity   CNBC - June 17, 2013
As President Obama begins an annual meeting with the leaders of some of the world's richest nations on Monday in Northern Ireland, the economic-policy gulf that has divided them since the global crash in 2008 has narrowed significantly - just not exactly in ways that the White House would have liked.