Friday, June 7, 2013


After watching the TV series Smash, and having clients on Broadway, I look forward to this year's Tony Awards. I grew up with Broadway and miss the days tickets were more reasonably priced. A birthday celebration included a day on Broadway and an ice cream Sunday afterwards. I still know all the words to all the musicals and easily learn the new ones.

June 9, 2013

Tony Awards

Tony Awards Website

The Tony Award recognizes achievement in live Broadway theatre.

Two critically acclaimed productions by Shakespeare's
Globe are transferring to New York in October
BBC - June 7, 2013

We are in the energies of a

New Moon 18° Gemini (Columns) - June 8, 2013

Do you ever feel like the world is becoming one big ocean as once it was?

June 8, 2013

World Oceans Day

Oceanography Science and Mythology

Water ... water ... everywhere ... and it's on its way up the coast, though it's not too bad in the city yet. There's record flooding around the world. Hurricane season is going to be kick-ass this year. Let's start with "A" for Andrea.

From the Oceans to the Desert

Sherif emailed on Friday that the return of Zahi is not official yet. In the past, "The Return of Zahi I", and the chance to hear him lecture, would have seemed like a great adventure, but the energy is as dead as the ancient Egyptian grid program. I wonder how much Zahi had to pay for his freedom? Has the government let him go free to bring tourism to a failing country? I'll find out when Sherif returns at the end of the month.

The world knows Zahi is guilty and wanted to see him imprisoned. He told Sherif that he was facing the curse of the pharaohs. Alas, does any of it matter as the program closes? Nope. There are no great treasures in the GP. Go away, Zahi ... and let archaeologists do their work without your interference and greed. (grumble) Look what you have stolen.

With all the excavating and discoveries, what does any of it do for our journey now? Not much unless someone finds a portal out of here or an alien base, or the like. Explorers always hope to find the answer to humanity's creation and destiny, for they are one and the same.

Next, we have the scientists and governments who allegedly use stargates to travel off planet and work with reverse engineering taken from alien technologies. Recently, I was told the LHC powers a stargate in Switzerland. True or false, this opened the floodgates to my memories of the time travel experiments in WWII Germany and Austria. Something is going to go BOOM soon.

As the myths go ... we came here in ships from the stars ... ventured in Atlantis to the Middle East, Asia (Pacific) and Egypt (Africa) to Rome to Greece to Europe to America and Mesoamerica, etc.. It was all very interesting but alas it's time to graduate and go home. There's nothing left to do anymore.

It was all just a Broadway story, a script in which we were the actors. ACT III has ended. Take your playbill and go home. Flood stories return us now to our regular programming.

Treasure in Great Pyramid Awaits Discovery, Egypt's 'Indiana Jones' Says   Live Science - June 6, 2013
Zahi Hawass is back. The famous, and at times controversial, Egyptologist is free of legal charges, free to travel and is launching a worldwide lecture tour with the aim of getting tourists back to Egypt. Hawass also said that he believes there are some fantastic discoveries waiting to be made, including more tombs in the Valley of the Kings and a secret burial chamber, containing treasure, which he believes to be inside the Great Pyramid built by the pharaoh Khufu (also known as Cheops).