Saturday, June 1, 2013


While you were asleep, somewhere in the world June began. The sun celebrated with a barrage of solar flares and the Earth shook in places that are usually calm - Egypt, for example. Maybe the Pharaohs are waking up to celebrate the return of Ra, the alien Sun God.

The solar boat on the bottom represents a wormhole.

The start of June brings to mind graduations, weddings, and other special occasions, vacations, the start of summer and the longest day of the year, to just being out and about, enjoying the day wherever you are.

Nature is one of humanity's finest gifts, but in the duality of reality, climate changes will increase discomfort for those with allergies, and others who live in areas affected by extreme and unpredictable weather.

We mustn't forget Father's Day and related issues for millions of people and ... speaking of issues ... we go to Gay Pride Month and what that will mean in 2013, especially here in the city and San Francisco. Life, as you know, is very explosive these days, and extreme heat makes things worse.

As humans, we learn to make the best of things and try to find balance. For those who understand the nature of reality and our place in the experiment, the illusion makes more sense.

The illusion of time traps us in physical reality and may appear
to move at a snail's pace caught up into the Fibonacci Spirals.

Look beyond the rusty old paradigms to where you are.