Monday, June 3, 2013

Flood Stories

My friend John in Tampa, Florida told me a story about his adventures Saturday night while driving home from a party. He encountered flooding unlike anything he has ever experienced in the 10 years he has lived there and has considered moving. John understands the hologram and where it is all going. Is there a safe zone in the US anymore? That seems to be a quest for many around the world.

Sunday, I read a client named William from Brooklyn, who has been following stories about flooding and tornadoes in the US. William is into energy work and meditation, and creates music when he's not at his day job at a local hospital. He plans to spend the summer solstice in Sedona. William asked about the rest of the world, as biblical flood stories equate themselves into our transition.

  Thousands flee as central Europe flood waters rise   BBC - June 3, 2013
Thousands of people have fled their homes across central Europe as deadly flood waters continue to rise. Emergency operations are under way in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic to deal with record levels of flooding in some places. Landslides and flooding have led to the deaths of at least four people. At least eight people are missing. In Germany, more than 7,000 people have been moved from their homes in the town of Eilenburg, reports say.

I was cleaning through my folder on the brain and
was suddenly drawn to this image "lost in time".