Wednesday, June 12, 2013


  Turkey protests: Uneasy calm in Istanbul's Taksim Square   BBC - June 12, 2013
There is an uneasy calm in central Istanbul after a night of clashes which saw Turkish riot police disperse anti-government demonstrators. The protesters had gathered on Taksim Square after a day of sporadic clashes.

  Protest leaders bail out of talks with Turkish leader after day of clashes   CNN - June 12, 2013
A night of tear gas and water cannons was too much for protest leaders set to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday. Most have bailed out, a protest leader said. After Tuesday's violence, negotiations are fruitless, according to protest leader Eyup Muhcu. Those attending the meeting at the prime minister's office in Ankara are friendly with his government.

Most foreigners are passionate about their country of origin - following the news, Skyping with, or calling family, and returning home as time permits or permanently.

The Super of my apartment building is a man named Sal - short for a long Turkish name - but that is what everyone calls him. Sometimes, when I visit Sal's apartment, he is watching Satellite TV live from Turkey and you can see his soul connection. Though his children have grown up here in Brooklyn, he and his wife plan to retire part-time to their home in Turkey, when he turns 60 in 4 years.

2011 was the year many people talked about earthquakes. On August 23rd, during the 5.8 Virginia earthquake - Sal and his wife were stranded at JFK airport on their way back to Turkey to visit family. Two months later, on October 23, he and I talked about the 7.1 Van earthquake close to where his family lives. Earthquakes in Turkey

Tuesday, I visited Sal to talk about the political situation in Turkey today, as it could lead to a civil war - a growing theme with oppressed people across the globe who quest for freedom. Sal spoke about the people of his country hating the Islamic run government and how their freedoms have been taken away. Though he would like to see the government ousted, he felt that the regime is too powerful and will put an end to the protests. This is not just a regional problem but something that faces the entire nation. In the past, he may have been right, but in end times - anything goes.

Not far from Turkey, on the European game board ... we find Greece where daily earthquakes are becoming a pattern. For those who seek the truth behind conspiracy and illusion ...
Greece state TV is turned off to save money   BBC - June 11, 2013
The Greek government has unexpectedly closed the national broadcaster to save money. Viewers watching the news on the main TV channel saw the screens go to black. A total of 2,500 jobs have been cut as the government struggles to deal with the country's debt crisis.

Eurozone crisis live: Greece state broadcaster ERT defies government closure   Guardian - June 12, 2013
Employees of the Greece state broadcaster ERT broadcasting early this morning, defying the government's attempt to shut the station.

As for me, I see people fighting everywhere - even here in the US. Freedom ... seriously? About the Edward Snowden surveillance matter - he told the American people what they already knew. To me it's about the way the program was set up - eventually leading to total failure as it ends. Forget about dates for closure - just sit back and watch events unfold on a global scale and you will understand the larger patterns at work.

  After the crash: Driver's license, registration, cellphone, please   CNN - June 12, 2013
New legislation proposed by a New Jersey state Sen. James Holzapfel would let cops confiscate cellphones if they have "reasonable grounds" to believe that the driver was talking or texting when the wreck occurred. Officers would be required to return the phone after thumbing through its history.