Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Temporal Experience

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tuesday, mid-morning, I went to the laundry room to do my wash. There are 5 washing machines side by side to the left as you enter - and 4 commercial dryers side by side to the right. I have a washing machine in my apartment for personal items but once a week I do the heavy things downstairs - towels and linens.

On this day ... the Super's wife was using washers 3, 4, and 5, so I put my sheets and a few personal items in 1, and my large bath sheets (towels) in 2. She and I chatted brief about the situation in Turkey, her native country, then I went upstairs.

30 minutes later, I returned and noted that her laundry was tumbling along in dryers 3 and 4. I put my sheets in 1 and towels in 2 along with one of those small white static cling free sheets in each. At this point, I noted that the card I use in the laundry room had $21 left on in. The maximum is $40 so I decided to replenish the card next time with $20.

Another 30 minutes later, when I returned, the Super's wife had already removed her laundry and gone upstairs. I opened dryer 1 and removed my sheets. While placing them in my laundry bag, the static cling free sheet fell to the floor, but I didn't pick it up at that moment so as not to drop any of my laundry. I opened dryer 2, took the cling free sheet out as it was right on top of my towels, and put it in the garbage. I walked back, put my towels in the laundry bag, then went upstairs.

Back in my bedroom, I took the bag of laundry and dumped it on the bed. Now here's where things get weird. The towels were not there - just the sheets. Confused, I reasoned ... could I have forgotten the towels in the dryer? Am I getting old and senile? :)

Off I went to the laundry room assuming my towels were still in dryer 2 yet clearly remember removing them and the cling free sheet. Guess what? The towels weren't there! Now I was further confused. I walked to the garbage and saw the cling free sheet inside - indeed I had placed it there. The other cling free sheet remained on the floor where it had fallen as if a marker of some kind. Okay ... I picked that one up and put it in the garbage and still didn't know where my towels were.

I looked over at the 5 washing machines and noted that their lids were all open, meaning they were left that way to tell other tenants they are empty.

I walked over to the machine where I had washed my towels ... and there they were ... washed and ready to be placed in the dryer. Though I rarely curse, all I could think was ... WTF! I should also note that no one besides the Super's wife and I were in the laundry room during this entire incident.

So ... I went upstairs ... got the card and another cling free sheet ... went downstairs and put the towels in dryer 2 where I was 100% sure they had been in the first place. I further noted that the card went to $19 when I placed it in the dryer this time ... concluding that I had used it to dry the towels in the first place. I pondered the logic of the situation with friends and they all said it was a temporal experience. I agree.

Thursday, I remembered the Super's wife and went to talk to her. She told me that when she took her clothes out of dryers 3 and 4 - she definitely remembered seeing my towels tumbling along in 2 and my sheets in 1. It should be furthered noted that, as the super's wife, she likes to make sure all is in order in the building. As she left the laundry room, she noted that all of the washers were empty - their lids open.

So what are we to conclude? You may remember my elevator experience last week. An elevator is a vehicle used by hypnotherapists as a tool to move consciousness through time ... but a washer and dryer? Friends and I agree - the illusion of time and space are collapsing which is why nothing works ... therefore I can expect more "out of phase" experiences as the grids implode into each other ... zero point just ahead.

While talking to my friend John about my experiences, it suddenly dawned on me ... the answer is obvious ... it's the elevator which links this event with the elevator incident last week. :)

Then there was the exercise (previous blog) about circadian rhythms in which I saw myself beyond time. The article mentions the phrase "circa diem" Latin for "approximately a day." One of my favorite phrase is Carpe diem - "seize the day". All we ever really experienced was the Now - a moment in time that seems like forever until you view it from outside of the illusion of time.

As all things (and blogs) tie together in the course of a week - I also wrote about Angelina Jolie in two blogs. One of them mentions her 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which incorporates time travel.

This morning, I had another one of those dreams where I am struggling to wake up beyond this experience and back to full consciousness. It won't be long now. Friends remind me that we are coming to the window linked to the adventures of Sarah and Alexander - highlighted on July 4.

Happy Summer !

June 21, 2013

Sun in Cancer

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Cancer.

Summer Solstice

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