Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Circadian Rhythms

You can only "see" what your mind projects in linear time

To keep the gears of time running according to Plan - all sentient life forms follow basic programmed patterns and rhythms determined by their emotional codes and biological makeup. We call this Circadian Rhythms and generally don't pay much attention to how they dictate what we do. If you are programmed to stay in balance within these cycles, life becomes easier and the gears of time run like a well-oiled machine, attracting positive experiences.

Tick tock ... Close your eyes and envision the gears of a clock. What you see is the current rhythm of your life. How are the gears moving? I saw the colors black and purple - the gears stopped meaning I exist beyond time. I asked about my physical experience in this reality and the colors went to red with black gears that were spinning along.

The rhythm of everything   PhysOrg - June 18, 2013

Dawn triggers basic biological changes in the waking human body. As the sun rises, so does heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. The liver, the kidneys and many natural processes also begin shifting from idle into high gear. Then as daylight wanes and darkness descends, these processes likewise begin to subside, returning to their lowest levels again as we sleep. These internal biological patterns are tightly linked to an external cosmic pattern: the earth's rotation around the sun once every 24 hours. This endless loop of light and darkness and the corresponding synchrony of internal and external clocks, are called circadian rhythms, from "circa diem," Latin for "approximately a day." Circadian rhythms influence almost all living organisms, from bacteria to algae, insects, birds and, as is increasingly understood by science, humans beings. Researchers are learning that these endless patterns also have profound effects on human health.