Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tweeting With Hillary

I finally found someone to follow on Twitter - great PR for the future.

Hillary Clinton's arrival on Twitter leaves followers wondering what's next  
Washington Post - June 11, 2013 2013


Email from my friend Matt who lives in the city ... after days and days of rain he wrote ...

    Hiyaaaa !

    I'm still building my ark ..... OY, the rain never ends ! lol

    Sooo ..... I have come to the conclusion that the theme of time (no time) is FREEDOM. A crazy amount - more than can be considered a random number of my friends - are dumping everyone/everything that no longer serves them. I'm talking about couples breaking up after 14 years; people suddenly moving across country; people saying they just sold everything in their apartments etc. AMAZING! In my explanation, I call it stuff that "no longer resonates" with them. But, more than that ....... It's as if ABSOLUTELY all that does not align with their happiness MUST be shed at this time. It's truly humbling to observe. All my friends who I watch are happy/lighter after doing this. None of it seems planned. It's spontaneous; as if one day they Woke Up ! hahaha

    Much love,
    Matt xo

Downsizing and moving on has all part of what is coming. It's just all accelerating. Climate changes and other natural disaster often help people get the message ... don't stay too attached to anything. As for the shedding of friends, that's been a constant for years as people change along with their relationships. The person with all the issues, the needy one, has got to be let go or you will drown along with them. And so, Matt, when you finish your ark, look up and you will find your next direction. Sometimes, you have to rock the boat a bit to get things done.

Noah's ark reminds me of a wormhole. Noah, in the photo below, is Brian Green the famous physicist who showed us that ... this is all an illusion. Freedom is remember who we are, why we are here, and where it is all going.

Etchings on a temple wall in Abydos, Egypt
The figure in the middle is Khepri a creation God