Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Crazy Experiences
on Planet Earth

Are you watching the program dissolve and understanding why?

Water ... water ... everywhere. Record flooding around the world and now - US hurricane season is going to be kick-ass this year. Let's start with "A" for Andrea now with 60 mph winds drenching Florida's west coast.

During the Today Show, Matt Lauer announced that a man outside the studio went crazy and cut himself with a knife. Speaking of knives - they will not be allowed on airplanes after all.

Here in Brooklyn there is an increase in carjackings - even in Bay Ridge during the day.

As we continue to lose privacy ... there are the peeping drones and all sorts of surveillance equipment we once designated as sci-fi that are now a reality. Phone tapping goes back for decades. Finding out about your significant other's affair is easy. There is Facebook, checking their cell phone records, or texts and email and planting a GPS app on their cell phone ... Now let's go to phone records. You do know everything about you is online or will be soon. Nothing is confidential. Let's get the object of today's news - 'Outrageous': Verizon reportedly forced to turn over customers' phone records. I have a Verizon landline, but have nothing to hide, and not sure this story applies to me.

Another woman gave birth to a baby without knowing she was pregnant. Is this possible? Yes - if her periods are irregular. She may also be in denial. How strange this is when so many women are having problems getting pregnant. The infant is definitely an insert. Could it be an alien hybrid? :)

Paris Jackson is another teenager caught up in the cycles of mental illness - depression, feeling lost and misunderstood. Some teens kill themselves ... some kill others ... some do both. It's hard to be a teenager these days, as you watch the adults around you often self-destruct and you wonder about the future and who you can depend on. To be a teenager in the public eye has to be more difficult. You could see the changes in Paris when she cut her hair and died it black - the color that symbolizes emotional problems. She obviously was involved with self-harm or skin-cutting which often comes from sexual abuse. Then there were the tweets and YouTube messages, and prior attempts at suicide. Living with Grandma Jackson and all those dramas - not to mention finding out about Michael and who her father really was - couldn't be easy. I hope Paris gets the help she needs and gets away from the Jacksons. She had the tattoos. All that was missing were piercings and may she have some in private places.

The jokes about Michael Douglas are hilarious after he taught us that you can get cancer from oral sex - in this case HPV. HPV can develop into cancer - the cells considered precancerous. It is extremely widespread especially in the college age group when everyone is having sex for fun and often without condoms. A condom really does make a difference. On an emotional level ... when someone is burned out, cancer surfaces, the area in the physical body reflecting the emotional problem. For example .. I had a gay male client who tried to live a straight life, though cheating with men on the down low. He developed the same throat cancer as Douglas at the same time. My client was not speaking his truth. He "came out" and is cancer free ... for now. If you are programmed for cancer, it will happen.

Major athletes like Alex Rodriguez still take performance enhancing drugs even with all the testing and PR about what happens to athletes who get caught.

Happy Birthday Harvey Fierstein - June 6, 1952.

You have always been one of my favorite actors.

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Harvey Fierstein is an award winning
American actor and playwright. Filmography

2013 Tony Award nominee Harvey Fierstein of Kinky
signing an Audemars Piguet clock which will be
auctioned to support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.
The Tony Awards are Sunday night June 9, 2013

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made
a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.

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