Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crystalinks is Moving So Are a Few Other Things

It's been two years since Crystalinks updated its server and in the tech world that's an eternity. Crystalinks will be moving to a newer faster server one day this week so you will experience some down time - how long will depend on you where you live.

** Check the north Mid-Atlantic Ridge (6.4) on the map above for earthquakes. When MAR rises, it will create one hell of a tsunami !! I dreamed about it last night. and it was connected to Noah, flood stories, Anunnaki themes and more.

A small tsunami struck the Jersey Shore earlier this month not to mention a small earthquake on Sunday. Also on the Jersey Shore - look out for the sharks - no not the casinos types but the great whites.

Moving right along ...

  Ancient Egyptian Statue Mysteriously Rotates at Museum   ABC - June 25, 2013

Food Blogs

Have you ever heard of a cronut? You can have one delivered in NYC for $100... seriously. People are just going crazy about food.

Twinkie lovers rejoice -- Twinkies return July 15

Over at the Food Network where my daughter Nikki works - the buzz is about the firing of Paula Deen after she made racial slurs.

June 26 - July 20, 2013

Mercury Retrograde