Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013 - Wed. or WED

World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2013 - Think.Eat.Save.
FAO estimates that a third of global food production is either wasted or lost.

With the level of flooding in the world today, food supply is shifting as is everything else.

Earth changes rock and roll

Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes Pacific Ocean near Hawaii   Reuters - June 5, 2013
A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Hawaii's big island on Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injury and no tsunami was generated, a spokesman for the governor said.

3 Quakes Hit S. California   The Epoch Times - June 4, 2013

  Dresden evacuations as floods seep over central Europe   BBC - June 5, 2013
Some 600 people have been evacuated in Dresden as floodwater continues to threaten parts of southern Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. The level of the River Elbe in the historic German city is not expected to peak until Thursday morning. Emergency workers have been shoring up a dyke under threat from high water in the Austrian city of Krems.

Scrying the path of a tornado

This image reminded me of a bird and the Nazca Lines

Why Oklahoma's Deadly Twister Was Widest Ever   Live Science - June 4, 2013
The tornado that struck near the Oklahoma City suburb of El Reno last Friday has been upgraded to an EF5 strength - the strongest rating on the Enhanced Fujita scale. National Weather Service (NWS) storm surveyors also put the tornado's path at a whopping 2.6 miles (4 kilometers) across at its widest point, making it the widest tornado on record.

Scientists uncover "God's bathtub"   Yahoo - June 5, 2013
Blue Lake -- Imagine a lake that's never been affected by climate change or any other man-made influences. Australian scientists say they have found just that - a remote lake whose crystal-clear waters seem to be in the same chemical state as they were about 7,500 years ago. Several other nearby former lakes have dried up over the past 40 years due to climate change. The lake's water has remained unchanged because its waters drain into a nearby swamp and are replaced by an aquifer every 35 days or so.


Lake Titicaca - Underwater Ruins

Nothing is discovered by accident.

The nature of reality is a hologram.

June 5, 1900 - February 9, 1979

Dennis Gabor

  Dennis Gabor Google Videos

Dennis Gabor was a British electrical engineer who won the
Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971 for his invention of Holography.

Till now man has been up against Nature. From now on he will be up against his own nature.

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