Monday, October 3, 2011

Age Discrimination & Jobs

I read people from all ages and backgrounds who are unemployed for many different reasons. When it comes to Seniors, employers often feel the employee will quit as soon as they can retire with Social Security and benefits from former jobs. Seniors also tend to have more medical problems. Then there's this ... would you rather hire a senior or a hot looking younger person who will not complain about the economy but do their job and and will probably take less money as they build experience.

If I were hiring someone, they MUST have a positive attitude. Seniors, especially men, tend to get cranky, opinionated and complain about everything - a frequency I can't tolerate. I hate to argue or be around that energy. I know what's wrong with the world and don't need someone to lecture to me every time we work together ... boring and off topic ... and changes nothing in the world.

The truth about me ... I like super efficiency with an intuitive twist which is why I work alone or with George - who is not a senior. We laugh and psychic and as Noah would say, "George is Grandma's "sidekick" (psychic) and they play well together. :)

If you're a senior looking for a job - remember that employers tend to exploit employees these days due to their cut-backs and demands on them, so do be careful. As a senior, I see myself working until the program closes. I knew that when I first learned about Palmistry and saw the length of my Career/Fate line. It's the one that goes straight up from your wrist to your Saturn (middle) finger. We know all about that finger and in this economy it lives up to its name.

Older jobless workers struggle as age bias claims rise   MSNBC - October 3, 2011

Workers over 55 likely to face long job hunt in tough economy. The ranks of older workers among the long-term unemployed have swelled of late. Many of them have lost their jobs in this economy, while others are finding it difficult to find new ones, and the harsh reality is their age is part of the reason. Age discrimination is viewed as an acceptable bias in many of the nation's workplaces and it has only worsened in this tough economy.

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