Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's that time of the year ...

Orionids 2011

The energies of Autumn are strongly in the air in the city. Outside, people are jogging and something is going on in the park, but I'm not sure what it is about. The leaves are finally turning color and falling as my panoramic view outside ... the park, bridge and Atlantic Ocean ... create amazing energies that everyone comments on as come here for a reading, a visit, or next on the agenda ... my 11/11/11 class. That will indeed be a special sharing as the energies for 11/11/11 seem to be building everywhere. Souls sense something ... but not just the normal seasonal changes ... something different ... whatever it is we came here to experience that says, "Now is the time."

Speaking of time ... we don't return to stand time in the US and other places, for another 2 weeks - November 6th. We will definitely be here as 2012 rolls in ... yet your perceptions of reality will shift especially in relation to time and space. You will forget and at the same time remember that which is important. Your psychic abilities will move quickly and with greater clarity and accuracy. You will ponder something and voila ... the answer comes.


People are talking about Halloween - especially the children and grandchildren. Gone are the days of make-shift costumes in a box from Toys 'R Us. Now it's more like outfits - homemade and store bought - as parties and plans forge ahead for next weekend. The feeling to go out and play is here.


For the ladies ...

It's that time of the year when summer clothes get put away and out come denims and flannels and leather and velours and long sleeve shirts and footwear and everything else I love to wear. (smile) The only thing I'm not into are sweaters, unless outdoors. I think I own 2 sweaters and never ever a turtle neck.

Last week, I went clothes shopping on several occasions to see what was out there and just to play. I didn't buy much as once again that sense of end times rang true especially when Z suddenly chimed in with, "Ellie, you have enough ....." It's like shopping with your husband and yet when I enter a store he tells me where to go, and when there is nothing left for me to buy. In that case maybe he's not a husband but more of a 'personal shopper' yet he's never been wrong. It really saves on time as at this stage of my life I am not a clothes horse. Those were the old days when I worked outside the home. Now it's about comfort.

The styles this fall are pretty much the same - the stores empty as compared to years gone by, the recession easily felt everywhere. I never go home without one new pair of earrings ... some real ... some costume - all with a story about how they came into my life - and all fun. Just like the thousands of images I have on Crystalinks, I remember every pair of earrings and can easily find them. This week was about a large pair of earrings in rose gold with stunning stones in taupe. I was told that pink gold is in and find that interesting as i was drawn to it once again. Accessories this year are definitely in, but I have enough. They really easily make an outfit work, but you know that.

Let's talk bags ... pocketbooks. When, oh, when will they bring back the shoulder strap?! What good is carrying a bag (men or women) if your hands aren't free. This year they are adding the shoulder strap as a perk to many leather bags, but it's not the same. When clients come here ... or I'm just out and about ... I still note that woman are more comfortable with a shoulder bag.

My niece Zina owns a large company that manufactures bags - Zina Eva (her website is being updated but this is her Facebook Page).

Check out the new logo ... Ring any bells? I didn't help her design it.

Zina is trying to find a bag for me. The style I like is called a satchel bag with drop-in pockets, a shoulder strap, in leather or suede. They are not easy to find.

Okay ladies ... time to clean and organize your closets. This weekend, between clients ... life was about cleaning out closets, drawers, and shelves, and putting away most of the summer stuff.

Alas, I am ready ... everything neatly in place.

Wait ... I forgot to mention relationships ... this is the time of the year new relationships begin as people 'nest' for the cold months ahead. Have fun but be realistic and never mix money with pleasure.

About sports ... again have fun playing or as a spectator. It's a great time of the year.

And so the new week has begun. I have clients today and as always will keep an eye on global events. Don't expect blogs about the political scene or the economy unless something major happens. It's the time of Scorpio. Who will get stung next ... as was Muammar Gaddafi a few days ago.

The program also appears to be cleaning house, so off we go to the last week of October 2011.

In case you forgot ... the final marker for closure is the passing the Pope Benedict XVI and the election of the last pope. When that happens the program is done. Kaput! That feels like 2012.