Monday, October 24, 2011

Closing Moments

In case you forgot ... the final marker for closure of the program is the passing of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of the last pope. When that happens the program is done. Kaput! That feels like 2012.

Leading up to that ...

Geologists recently told me to watch out for plate movement affecting Norway, Sweden and the UK but it doesn't resonant yet. For days I have been telling friends that a large earthquake is going to hit western Europe setting that plate up for closure - though I saw it west of Turkey. Bear in mind that the LHC can't be affected as it is part of closure. It takes down that plate at the end.

  Powerful 7.3 earthquake strikes eastern Turkey   CNN - October 23, 2011

As night fell over eastern Turkey on Sunday following the most powerful earthquake in at least a decade, citizens were using flashlights and shovels as they clambered over the rubble of collapsed buildings looking for survivors. At least seven aftershocks rattled the region, one of the nation's poorest. The extent of casualties was not immediately known.

As we follow the accelerating movements of the tectonic plates -

earthquakes and their aftershocks - I thought I would start the day with ...

October 24, 1908 - April 15, 1993

John Tuzo Wilson

   Google Videos: Plate Tectonics

John Tuzo Wilson was a Canadian geophysicist and geologist who achieved

worldwide acclaim for his contributions to the theory of plate tectonics.

Beneath all the chaotic wealth of detail in a geological map,

lies an elegant orderly simplicity.

John Tuzo Wilson

This earthquake came with huge aftershocks ...

  More than 230 dead in Turkey quake; 1,300 more hurt   CNN - October 24, 2011

Using shovels, heavy machinery and their bare hands, rescue workers scrambled through piles of rubble to find survivors Monday after a deadly 7.2-magnitude earthquake devastated parts of eastern Turkey.

My 2002 Halloween blog has caught the attention

of readers, though I don't remember what's in it.

12 Days of Magic

Other Halloween Blogs Through the Years

Orionids - October 23, 2011

Do you connect with this image? I totally do !

Autumn in New York

In the city, the energies of Autumn are in full swing. The falling leaves are finally turning colors as my panoramic view outside ... the park, bridge and Atlantic Ocean ... create amazing energies that everyone comments on as come here for a reading, a visit, or next on the agenda ... my 11/11/11 class. That will indeed be a special sharing as the energies for 11/11/11 seem to be building everywhere. Souls sense something ... but not just the normal seasonal changes ... something different ... whatever it is we came here to experience that says, "Now is the time."

Speaking of time ... we don't return to stand time in the US and other places until November 6th. Is your biological clock already making the adjustment? We will definitely be here as 2012 rolls in ... yet your perceptions of reality will shift especially in relation to time and space. You will forget and at the same time remember that which is important. Your psychic abilities will move quickly and with greater clarity and accuracy. You will ponder something and voila ... the answer comes.