Thursday, October 13, 2011


This was another one of those mornings when a wee bit of magic (though I'm sure not by accident) brought Merlin and his prophecies to my attention. The file was open on my desktop, so I decided to update it and see what messages I was to find. It would seem we are again looking at ancient alien theory with Merlin (there may have been more than one character in our holographic simulation by that name), as someone not of this Earth, an unexplained character in the myth, math, and magic of our reality, who guides humanity then and now. The video below also mentions the prophecies of Mother Shipton whose prophecies and very existence are up for debate.

For me, the point is that throughout history there have always been souls who were psychic, all making similar predictions about end times - which seem to converge now. Today, we are all psychics and have our own way of accessing information as our DNA allows us to 'see' beyond in dreams and other experiences and visions. We are evolving. Our consciousness is evolving, Those who created this program may or may not be evolving along with us, or may be us. What seems important is knowledge gained through experience and this reality is one of many to that end. Everything tells us that - so now we wait and pay attention to that which guides.

Emergence and Synergy



Mobius Strip

October 13, 1917

Fatima: The Miracle of the Sun

Fatima Prophecies

This re-enactment allows one to understand

that the sighting was a UFO and alien related.

It's all projected illusion in the hologram of our reality.

Mary says, "The world is going to end soon!" ... so is the program.