Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why do people feel this way?

As you know, people across the planet are in this head space - "I have to heal and help others to heal and help myself, not just in small groups as in the past, but in accelerated times, to make a global difference in the collective unconscious." Does this align with a feeling or greater connection to a mythological god? A feeling of being protected by creators during end times? A feeling that answers will surely come to those who heal and help others?

Global Economy: overwhelmingly people see Greece defaulting → other European nations following suit → global markets taking a nose dive → riots in the streets as people (especially in large cities) have no money, jobs, or food → martial law and more.

Preparedness: Best suggestions:

    keep more money hidden at home,

    stay well supplied on food, water, power supplies, and medication

    keep your vehicle's gas tank filled - never let it go to empty

    have a portable radio and extra batteries

    extra cell phone batteries that are charged

The winter is coming - the world is going crazy - the CME's are increasing - natural disasters are accelerating - prophecies are coming to the fore - and the program is concluding. You decide what is best for you.

Last week several clients brought to my attention conspiracy theories that the east coast earthquake on August 23, 2011 was actually caused by an underground explosion. I don't agree unless the earthquake triggered explosions. This conspiracy begs the questions:

    who caused the explosion(s), why, where,

    could this possibly be linked to alien underground bases or former bases which addresses coverups as the motive,

    did an explosion create ruptures in already weakened tectonic plates, and on and on.

As this reality is about drama → conspiracy to find truth, I doubt that we will never find out the truth on this one.

My truth: the earthquake - no matter what caused it - was scheduled to happen now as a precursor to the closing of the program.

Discernment will be key during these coming times when and where MUCH disinformation is being given, to distract the population from the truth. Governments know that the best disinformation is one which has valid/true information mixed with totally false. The seismographic data on the above mentioned earthquakes is consistent with other earthquakes in the world. Also, as others have stated, don't invalidate that our planet Earth is going through changes, and these changes are not man made.

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