Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nikki's Dream - Program Reset

All of my daughters and their husbands understand the program will soon end as we consciously experience it.

Today, my daughter Nikki couldn't wait to tell me about the dream she had last night. She was at home in Westport, CT with her husband Ryan and their sons Matthew and Noah. Everyone was talking about the Program resetting as anticipation grew as if on the final loop of a roller coaster ride. The feeling was one of fun and excitement, not fear.

Noah was in charge of telling everyone the time for reset was 8:00. For some reason, the reset was delayed by two hours ... then Noah looked at his watch and said it was time. Everything started spinning round and round like a tornado, but there was no fear. Outside tree branches flew by, trees uprooted. This went on for 3 hours after which everyone was relieved to find themselves together in a place where all was peace and solitude, sort of what most people see after the program ends. The souls went out to experience once again, without the worries found in this program.

In the dream, Nikki saw her childhood friend Allison Sachs and believed it was a review of her life here. I used to see Allison all the time and never knew why until Z said to look at the initials of her name, AS, which he said represented Sarah and Alexander. In recent years, the image of Allison switched to a childhood friend of mine back in Coney Island - Susan Axelrod - same initials (as in initialize) with more metaphors. Susan Alexrod gets closer and closer to me these day in my dreams and visions. On one occasion, she entered into my body, then left. Okay Noah .. keep watching as time ticks down.

As to Nikki's dream and metaphors - see if you can figure them out. Noah, of course, is all about Flood Stories (as in our current flooding) and as he just turned 6 - the flower of life ... as on and on we go to reset. Now, where is the reset button?! "Not on this level of the program," added Z.

I have a phone interview from someone named Laura at National Geographic at noon ...

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