Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lucid Dreams

My daughter Zsia in NJ had a lucid dream about moving on and all ending. Friends report that lucid dreams are more real than ever before, exactly what Zsia said.

The 2012 timeline will indeed be interesting, exciting, and exists. Plan for it.

Occupy Wall Street One Month Later ...

It's raining in the city this morning, but as I watch the dark clouds lifting, all will give way to a bright sunny day - a metaphor for the changes that are happening in the human experiment.

It all started in Virgo Transition ... Occupy Wall Street reached its one-month birthday today picking up momentum along the way with no signs of slowing down. To date, 900+ cities around the world are involved. People are donating everything from spaces to supplies to cash used for medical supplies. (photos). Many people feel a sense of community and have hope that things will change for the better. Friendships have been forged as well as the occasional relationship - the stuff Julia Roberts movies are made of. Many will document the events - great idea for an independent film.

Sunday, I posted this on Facebook: "Your opinion on "Occupy" .... You know this is not going away, that the protestors are correct and I stand with them." A few comments from friends:

    Alex Rosales: That's great! A sign of solidarity from the Crystal herself! :)

    John Stokes: It began at a time ordained by the planets, Uranus and Pluto in square. This I trust ... for me it's the first rays of the dawn of a new time on the earth ... an outbreak of global consciousness not led by "leaders" but of the people and for the people. Truth is beginning to spread like a beautiful wildfire.

    Remmic Lewis: I'm loving it, been flooding my FB page with the best info I can find since it started! Exciting times we live in!

    Gabriele Fleres: They must march on Washington also - as Democrat and Republicans have been a part of the problem for a long time.

    Debrah Whiddon: Tea Party people 'marched' against the bailouts and ending the Fed in 2009, 2010, 2011, they were called "racists" etc. Now that OWS is doing it, some are calling them "marxists". Just Dems and Repubs wearing different clothes. Perhaps if the 2 groups come together, there will be REAL change; right now, both are vulnerable to co-opting by current political parties - each having their own "movements" ripe for picking.

    Prometheus Phoenix: It all depends on whether or not people stay strong and don't fall into any left or right ideologies, which agents of the elite will certainly try to trick them into doing. Their very lack of "organization" and hierarchy is exactly their strength. It is organization that has allowed other movements to be co-opted. The only division this movement draws is between itself and the 1%. Let's hope it stays that way.

    John Kay: Today I plan to occupy this chair and find something positive to occupy my mind.

If you would like to add a short comment here today - send me an email -- the subject "Occupy". Please spell check your comments.

    Do you think Occupy Wall Street will make a difference in the long run? Do you think this is part of some greater plan to unite global consciousness in end times? Is it part of awakening? Can you equate this to the rise and fall of all great civilizations throughout history only now it's gone global in end times? Will there be leaders? Is this the final insert before the program closes - with social networking helping along the way? Will this continue through the winter months? In some areas, there has been violence - do you see that continuing?

The global need to redistribute the wealth of each nation, and bring everything into balance, continues and spreads its wings like the phoenix rising. No one should dominate world markets which as we know leads to greed and corruption. The unification of people through Occupy Wall Street protests is a great way to go. Let's hope violence stays at a minimum and we see the fall of the economic systems as we know them - run by The Suits. I've never liked The Suits.

Most people will not believe there will be reform and things will go back to the way we were, but these are end times and everything has to change. The ways of the human condition are forcing change and in 2012 things will be different in more ways than people now realize. Watch it from 'outside the box'. Notice the shifting grids.

Occupy Wall Street is not just a demonstration wherein everybody goes home at the end of the day and the rich people and powerful rule as they did in the past. It's all changing from the way the news is broadcast since trust and confidence in Mass Media has declined - to the way hard working people live their lives. This is not a chapter .. this is total global change ... and everyone is paying attention.

I have an 86 year old sister-in-law, Sydelle, also an Aquarian so we have always understood each other. Sydelle has spent the past 20 years living near her son and his family in a college town in Oregon - and is part of the change. She reminds me of Betty White - humorous and sharp as a tack. Her stories about the economy go way back before most of us were born. She can compare the energies of the decades she has lived through to present day. "This is different." she told me last week, "And it's about time." As to the natural disasters - Aquarians roll with the punches - though she understands that everything is changing and the planet is on borrowed time. Then she laughed and said, "Every day I wake up and say, 'Wow .. I'm still here'." Hey Sydellie - I do the same thing.

Another Unifying Factor

New Yorkers love nature and to be on or near bodies of water ... I can't imagine living anywhere without a water view. Spiritually it's the flow of the collective and something unifying human consciousness. If you are your emotions ... then you need to go with the flow.

Though Others Failed, New East River Ferries Are a Hit   New York Times - October 17, 2011

The ferry service that the city started in June has attracted twice as many riders as its planners had expected. On sunny weekends, it has been so popular with tourists and wandering residents that some boats have been too full to take on everybody waiting on the piers in Brooklyn.