Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brooklyn Crew

Nikki works in media and sent this email as I live in Bay Ridge.

    "Brooklyn Crew" invites viewers to the close-knit community of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, NY and into the lives of two lifelong groups of friends who have been ripped apart by jealousy, rivalry, and a mysterious betrayal. The docu-series, shot in documentary style, is produced by Ish Entertainment - Oxygen Channel.

I found this ..

    Set in the close knit community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, 'Brooklyn Crew' takes viewers on a voyeuristic journey into the lives of two lifelong groups of friends who have been torn apart by jealousy, rivalry, and a bitter betrayal that is clouded in mystery. Nothing is more important in this town then loyalty and respect, and depending on who you believe, it appears one of its own has broken that code. Even though it's a mere hour from Manhattan, Bay Ridge remains a town with its own customs, language and rules. Shot in a vivid, documentary style, "Brooklyn Crew" will follow the story of two groups of girls fighting a turf war to rule Bay Ridge. Who will win is uncertain, but the stakes have never been higher. "Brooklyn Crew" is produced by Ish Entertainment with Michael Hirschorn, Wendy Roth, Ethan Goldman and Lenid Rolov serving as executive producers.

The show sounds a lot like the energies of "Jersey Shore" and some of my clients. :)

Good News out of Egypt

Zahi Hawass is no longer Minister of Antiquities. Goodbye Zahi, hello Mostafa Amine. New boss of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities promises reform... and exploration of pyramid shafts?

New antiquities head, new plan, protestors satisfied   Ahram Online - October 5, 2011

The newly appointed secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities says he will meet protestors' demands, promises reform. Today, in his first day in office, newly appointed Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) Mostafa Amine met with protestors camped in front of the SCA's Abassiya building for four days. Amine told Ahram Online that he told protestors that he agreed with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to immediately resolve their problems and to appoint all temporary staff who have spent more than three years working at SCA. As a first step, he asserted, 4065 temporary employees will be immediately appointed to be followed by more appointments until the almost 12,000 temporary employees are all made permanent. The protestors were convinced and promised to end their protest.


More news on Ezine including Noble Prize Winners 2011.