Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Conspiracy Theories, Anyone?

Well, comet Elenin came and went this month, and we are still here !! It's perigee (when it is closest to Earth) was last weekend. Nothing! But you knew that, and like myself, actually forgot about its passing. Around the world, there was far was more energy coming out of "Occupy" !

Moving right along, this week we have Harold Camping's prediction regarding the rapture. You remember him? He is the 90 year old man who made $ 100M by predicting that Judgment Day would arrive on May 21, 2011. Surprise ! Surprise ! Nothing happened. Like all "prophets," he changed the date !!! Will he change it again ??? The way he sees it, it is all over this Friday, October 21, 2011. Could be he just like the number 21? The great and powerful OZ (Z) says, "Life goes on... sorry Harold ... Z rules!"

Next on the list is ........ The end of the Mayan Calendar. And you thought I was going to say 11/11/11. Some say that the real end date of the Mayan Calendar is October 28, 2011. The most popular theory is presented by Carl Calleman.

Rounding out the year ... we come to 11/11/11. As I always blog, this date will trigger and awaken those whose grids are aligned with that numeric code - and it certainly seems to be and endless number. For everyone else, it will be just another day. Some are saying that on 11/11/11 stargates will open, portals will appear, consciousness will be raised, and other grid connections will manifest. It is really up to individual interpretation. You will experience what you are ready to experience. Global frequencies will be very high on 11/11/11 starting in areas that are one day ahead of where I live in NYC. Those energies allegedly conclude on 11/12/11 ... but do they?

In my 11.11.11 Workshop, I'll be discussing the alignment of the 11:11 archetype with the closing of the consciousness hologram. The 11:11 code seems to be like no other - a universal trigger for millions of people and that will have a palpable effect. Rest assured, that there will be many who are not connected to the 11/11 phenomena, but for those that do, the energies are building, and have parallels to our global systems including Occupy Wall Street, where 9/11 happened. It's always going to be about 11. We'll discuss it all during the workshop.

In the year 2012, (that is only 10 weeks away), you are going to hear more and more theories about end times. Actually, many of these predictions are already posted on the internet. Here's the thing ...

    YOU already have the answer. No matter what you read, what people tell you, always GO WITHIN. Listen to the still, inner voice to discern what your truth is. This skill will become easier as the months progress. Whatever your technique is for tapping into the grids, into your soul memory, that is where the answer has always been. Please understand that the volume of information and disinformation that is about to come out will be prolific. It's actually already happening. Trust yourself. Trust your dreams and the symbols they will reveal. Global events will trigger you more and more. You will feel it. Keep things simple. Don't overcomplicate your life, your feelings, your intuition. Don't over think and try to have some fun. Don't focus your attention on 'worry'.

I forgot to mention that around the city this past weekend, people saw odd looking characters ... no, not the usual New Yorkers ... but those dressed for Comic Con here in the Javits Center. This moves forward to Halloween as on and on the wheel of karma speeds up. We are all waiting for that final momentus event that makes all of what we've been through in this program worth our 'time' here.