Monday, October 31, 2011


When I woke up this morning, my thoughts were not about Halloween, but on 11/1/11 or 1/11/11, "tomorrow". A giant consciousness gateway that connects time and creation has opened. As you sit there now reading this ... pause ... relax ... feel this energy ... no need to close your eyes if you are busy at work. 'See' the number 11 as a portal and move through it. May I suggest you take a few minutes each day, perhaps before drifting off to sleep, to connect. It's like the creation forces are offering an opportunity you should embrace. This is the time to clean and clear - food, chemicals, brain chemistry - now or never. Open yourself up and let the rest happen. After exploring this, I have to wonder why I am back here ... or maybe I'm not.

About the 2011 Halloween nor'easter this weekend - it's all part of the grids creating sudden unexpected changes - The Aquarius Effect. Expect more - much more until it all collapses like the trees (metaphor) that Shut Down the power from the weight of the snow - but not until The End of the story. Sadly for the children ... many schools will be closed for Halloween due to power outages.

From my daughter Zsia in Basking Ridge, NJ (an area called The Hills) ..

    Can you believe school is cancelled today? Basking Ridge still has no power due to the downed trees. We ventured out yesterday and have never seen anything like it - split trees all over the place and lots of downed trees on the roads. They said it will be days before power is restored. It is the craziest thing - poor people first got hit with Hurricane Irene and now this. The Hills has a lot of downed trees - too much weight from the snow. We still have so much. We got lucky because everything here is underground.