Sunday, October 16, 2011

Global Day of Rage

The global need to redistribute the wealth of each nation and bring everything into balance continues and spreads its wings like the phoenix rising. No one should dominate world markets which as we know leads to greed and corruption. The unification of people through Occupy Wall Street protests is a great way to go. Let's hope violence stays at a minimum and we see the fall of the economic systems as we know them - run by The Suits. I've never liked The Suits.

Most people will not believe there will be reform and things will go back to the way we were, but these are end times and everything has to change. The ways of the human condition are forcing change and in 2012 things will be different in more ways than people now realize. Watch it from 'outside the box'. Notice the shifting grids.

Occupy Wall Street is not just a demonstration wherein everybody goes home at the end of the day and the rich people and powerful rule as they did in the past. It's all changing from the way the news is broadcast since trust and confidence in Mass Media has declined - to the way hard working people live their lives. This is not a chapter .. this is total global change ... and everyone is paying attention.

I have an 86 year old sister-in-law, Sydelle, also an Aquarian so we have always understood each other. Sydelle has spent the past 20 years living near her son and his family in a college town in Oregon - and is part of the change. She reminds me of Betty White - humorous and sharp as a tack. Her stories about the economy go way back before most of us were born. She can compare the energies of the decades she has lived through to present day. "This is different." she told me last week, "And it's about time." As to the natural disasters - Aquarians roll with the punches - though she understands that everything is changing and the planet is on borrowed time. Then she laughed and said, "Every day I wake up and say, 'Wow .. I'm still here'." Hey Sydellie - I do the same thing.

  Global "Day of Rage" peaceful as Rome clears up   Reuters - October 16, 2011

The global "Day of Rage" against the world's financial system won some limited sympathy from political and economic leaders on Sunday, after protests that were peaceful everywhere but Italy. Cities from east Asia to Europe and north America saw rallies on Saturday denouncing capitalism, inequality and economic crisis, but riot police were busy only in Rome.

Gaga channels Marilyn Monroe at Clinton's concert   AP - October 16, 2011

Lady Gaga enjoyed her "first real Marilyn moment" with former President Bill Clinton. The envelope-pushing pop superstar was one of several musicians who performed Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl during a concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of Clinton's foundation, which has sought to improve global health, strengthen economies worldwide, promote healthier childhoods and protect the environment for the past decade.

'Lost' Da Vinci Portrait, and its Origins, Stir Controversy   Live Science - October 16, 2011

The painting appears to have come from a 500-year-old book containing the family history of the Duke of Milan. Art historian Martin Kemp, of the University of Oxford, believes the mystery painting, which appeared in 1998, is a portrait of the duke's daughter, created by da Vinci for her wedding book.

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