Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Upstate NY Limo Crash - Ellie and Limos - A Different Kind of Multitasking While Driving

May 2018 - My Most Recent Limousine Ride

The Schoharie, New York Limousine Crash that killed 20 people is very unfortunate for those who died, their families, and others they met along the way during their journeys in this reality.

When I read stories like this I wonder what I would have told any of the people who died had I seen the accident and they were my client. This is what I generally say. "Please watch your driving. I see (describe the car, time of day, weather, how far into the future, and anything else.)"

I'm not a big lover of limos though I've driven in many including stretch limos and other funky vehicles. They're fun for a short distance but I don't like the feeling of being closed in and not able to see the road ahead or behind.

Many of you do what I do when driving - whether you're aware of it or not. It has to do with manipulating space and time should something go wrong. Some call it defensive driving which is both physical and nonphysical in a manner of speaking. Whatever it is ... I'm not comfortable in any vehicle where I can't see what's going on 360° around me. As you know I'm always "tuned up" - sort of multitasking above and below.