Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Porch Pirates

Packages are often delivered to my building and left at the front desk by various postal services. Yesterday a note was posted in the lobby saying that the building was not responsible for stolen packages. Today I noticed that the packages were not left by the front desk but near the mailboxes which is a much more secure area.

A recent TV show opened with a couple in a car stealing packages off a porch, driving away, then upon opening one of them got blown up by a bomb sent by a terrorist to the home they stole the package from.

Packages theft is on the increase especially as we get closer to the holidays. Last week I sent my granddaughter Joie something from Amazon. After it was delivered they not only sent me an email but also a snapshot of the delivered package.

Today I found this article along with a news story about a woman who saw someone taking her package through surveillance equipment then yelled at the thief through a device at the front door. The thief got scared, put the package down, apologized, then ran away.