Monday, October 29, 2018

The Power of a Symbol - Star of David - Swastika

Life is a costume party in which we dress for each occasion
then reflect on ourselves in the mirror or lens of time.

~ Ellie ~

The Power of a Symbol

As far back as we remember minorities have always been persecuted based on race, religions, sexual orientation, gender, and today learning and physical challenges.

I've been watching the interviews of Jewish men, women, and children around the world in the aftermath of the Pittsburg Synagogue Shooting. They remind me of my family and friends - good people who only want to feel safe. Though I'm not religious, there is something about being with other Jewish people that creates a connection for me most likely from epigenetic memories.

There is something about an anti-Semitic act of violence that resonates through the grids like string theory - connecting not just a group of people in this reality and beyond - like a bell sounding an alarm - a wake-up call for something greater about to happen.

Was the Hebrew insert the original bloodline, with origins in Biblical times linked to extraterrestrial origins, geometry and final destiny? Does the Star of David represent the merge of above and below to create our experience in the hourglass of time?

When I think of anti-Semitism, I go back to Egypt and the Pharaohs moving to Nazi Germany. It is the frequency of hate set against a backwash of ignorance and intolerance that repeat over and over again even in today's world on a regular basis. It makes me glad this experiment is finally ending.

Today we understand the nature of mental illness as frustrated extremists, who almost seem zombie like when they carry out their acts of violence, take center stage more and more frequently in end times. Through it all, most humans are programmed to stand bravely in the face of diversity with the eternal emotion of Hope guiding them on to a better day when peace and justice will prevail. That day is on the forefront of our existence. Hang tough !

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