Friday, October 12, 2018

Mental Health Memos - Kanye - Selena

Wednesday was World Mental Health Day stressing the importance mental education, awareness, and advocacy in world where stress, anxiety and related disorders are showing themselves more often with an effort to understand and control them.

Thursday Kanye West visited the White House and ranted in the front of the President and the world in a televised interview. His provocative unfiltered performance even left Trump stumped. Recently his behavior on Saturday Night Live further showed his need for mental help again. Kanye has said he was off his meds which means ... breakdown. A lot of people say a lot of things about how to fix the country. The truth is ... the algorithm of this reality does not allow it to ever be fixed. We are here to study emotions ... heightened at the end of this experiment.

Also in the news - Selena Gomez is seeking treatment again for mental illness. Millions of fans support her recovery. This has been a difficult time in her life emotionally and physically. We wish her well.