Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Conversations With Fellow Researchers

Monday August 6, 2018

During lunch with three people I met through metaphysics - Marta, Harold, and Alan, we talked about many things including Marta's Global Pyramid Conference in Chicago next month. Lots of interesting speakers, and great marketing so why isn't attendance higher? Can you guess the answer?

If you understand the hologram you can. Pyramid Energy is a wonderful topic, but it's not in the grids at this time. All areas of metaphysics will find researchers but today - as we move rapidly towards closure - what spikes in the grids are not topics rehashed for decades, but answers to what's going on in reality. We are in reality check mode. Who am I? Why am I here? All other topics are interesting but basically recycled even with new research.

About Conferences: Alien Con is coming to Baltimore in November. One finds high attendance at their events because Ancient Aliens has spent the past 13 years trying to prove aliens - came - created - left and shall return - a common theme throughout the algorithm of the human experiment. Also alien-human connections speak to the nature of reality as a bio-genetic experiment most likely going back to the Anunnaki. After watching several clips from Pasadena Alien Con this June there is nothing that I haven't covered on Crystalinks but always a great experience for newbies.

To understand what's spiking in the grids is to just look around and see where consciousness shifts from day to day. Antiquated philosophies that have been recycled over decades - if not centuries and millennia - are just busy work. Done. Don't waste energy there.

Are you being distracted by conspiracy theorists - Alex Jones and QAnon for example? Who's really being played? In duality there are always positives and negatives including the realms of journalism. "Don't believe everything your read."

I asked Alan, "What's new in the world of ET research?" He mentioned the New York Times article published December 18, 2017 - though heavily redacted - the government admitting some degree of truth about an ET presence - the release of that information totally staged and by design. OK great. I reported all of that at the time.

So what's happened the past eight months? He seemed a bit surprised that more hasn't been disclosed but confident that this a first step in dissemination of information. Wrong answer. More delays and placating the humans. The only thing that matters now is the actual physical presence of an alien species coming forward bringing answers if they have them. Another species may be scientifically advanced but as much in the dark about the nature of reality as we are. So there you have it ... this is what highlights the grids now - the truth about the nature of reality as a simulation - no more games. [A follow-up UFO Story From the NY Times August 3, 2018: A Radar Blip, a Flash of Light: How U.F.O.s Exploded Into Public View]

When Trump was elected I thought his purpose - besides showing us the chaotic nature of reality in its many facets - was to bring some truth. In 2017 any sort of revelation by Trump would have worked, but now things have upscaled. Too late Donny boy ... Your daily tweets and bad behavior keep people distracted - but you're out as soon as you're no longer useful. You have to admit no one could've screwed things up quite the way he has.

Don't get emotional. Don't get your panties in a bunch (knot, twist). It's just part of the experience. Keep Trump in his proper perspective. If you're the angry venting type - maybe linked with substance abuse or emotional problems - here's an article from today's news you might find interesting. Angry People Think They're Smarter Than They Are. Do you know why that is? They are conditioned to react with their emotions, not their minds.

Photos and other physical evidence of an extraterrestrial presence - then and now - in our history will no longer work. The experiment is about knowledge therefore we need tangible proof of the human creation story/myth if such a thing exists at this level of consciousness. This would not be presented by humans but by something we label extraterrestrial or alien.

Do you seek those answers with energy work or mind altering substances? No need. You're conscious can only go so far in the grids. The rest goes beyond the realm of understanding even if you disagree and believe you can reach higher levels of consciousness than anyone else. Not true.

Even an enhanced human brain is only programmed to go so far in the grids. Probably some of the best minds to that end belong to the influx of autistic individuals entering the hologram since 1998 who are programmed to somewhat higher consciousness but also limited to/in the human equation.

On the topic of alternative healing and energy - which fascinates many people as per their programming - it's a low spike in the grids at this time. There is just so much healing and energy that can be done to help people eventually see the true nature of it all. It would be so simple if the answers were given - I don't care by who but to just stop misbeliefs and misconceptions that have permeated the grids from the beginning ... myths, religions, etc.


As our lunch meeting came to an end - I brought up one final subject - "Lightning" to which I feel connected. Friends and I have been talking about it as there are so many storms.

If you look closely now - vertical lightning bolts appear wider which may or may not be the case - one would have to ask a meteorologist.

Everyone at the table mentioned having noticed a change in the size and shape of lightning this summer.

As physical reality is an electromagnetic construct - lightning has a way of letting us know that things are changing in the consciousness grids and as far as I can see will continue until the end of the simulation of our reality. Look for blue lightning.

As I sit here typing this Tuesday at 7:00 PM from Brooklyn - lightning is streaking across the sky echoing its voice with the roar of thunder as if having a personal conversation.

Wednesday morning ... the local news reported that three people were struck by lightning last night in Queens. Here's a video from NBC

Check out these pics

When Lightning Struck the Roof Just Above My Apartment - June 2018

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