Thursday, August 23, 2018

Virgo Transition

"Virgo Transition" happens annually when the sun is in Virgo. More than any other time of the year people address change highlighted with: weather, education, jobs, businesses, relocations, relationships, health, society, the start of the new year in Numerology, and usually the start of the Jewish New Year ... a major energy shifter and generator.

Sometimes the changes are guided by your soul. Other times they seem thrust upon you - like the sudden end of a relationship. It can be fun or scary, but there is no escaping change. Look around and see how your life, and those of others, has changed in Virgo Transition in the past and what you predict for next year.

In Virgo Transition students head off to universities and institutes of higher learning, to plan a future. Don't major in anything that doesn't result in a way to earn a living after you graduate. Art, music, film, and all the fun therapeutic majors we all embrace and enjoy, must also be combined with a practical side to life, as the economy and job hunting are not easy, and school is expensive. To the students: What do you see the world looking like on your graduation day?