Friday, August 10, 2018

Has the Partner of the Great Sphinx Been Found?

There are many Sphinxes but this belongs to the theory that the
Great Sphinx originally was one of two which would one day be found.BR> This symbolizes the dual nature of physical reality.

Has Egypt's second sphinx been found? Ancient statue with a lion's
body and human head is unearthed by stunned construction workers

  Daily Mail - August 9, 2018

Aquarius/Leo - Alpha/Omega - Beginning/End


Let's Begin

Thoth Meets Tesla

Reality is always about mid-night electric blue - EM energies
lightning and the consciousness grids that create the illusion.

The Shape of Lightning, Electromagnetic Energy and the 2018 Grids


New Moon : : Void of Light

Gateway : : New Moon : : Solar Eclipse 18° Leo

Eclipse of consciousness in the alchemy of time

Orion : : Galactic Center : : Black Hole : : Eye

It's not the Pyramid : : It's the Hourglass (Our Class)

It's not the Sphinx : : It's the Eye and the "Platform"

The Pyramid, the "Platform" (Design, Architecture), Freemasons,

The Eclipse over the Sphinx, and of "Course" the Eye

Latin inscription, SVA SIDERA NORVNT" translates to:
"His own constellations have acknowledged him"
in reference to the Masonic concept of the "Grand Architect" God.

(Latin) "Ab initio usque ad finem" - "From beginning to end"

The Pyramid - touching above and below to form the
Hourglass of Time
will soon implode into itself to form the Merkaba
Spiraling Consciousness from above to below and back

Sphinx - Crystalinks