Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Shape of Lightning, Electromagnetic Energy, the 2018 Grids

Monday August 6, 2018

At lunch with fellow metaphysical researchers -- I brought up the subject of "Lightning". Friends and I have been talking about it due an increase in lightning and thunderstorms. Vertical lightning bolts appear wider which may or may not be the case - one would have to ask a meteorologist.

As physical reality is electromagnetic (EM) energy - lightning has a way of letting us know that things are changing in the consciousness grids. Lightning speaks to me, so much so that Lightning Struck the Roof Just Above My Apartment two month ago. End Time messages are found everywhere these days, more so when following climate and natural disasters. As far as I can see this will continue until the end of the simulation of our reality.

Look for blue lightning as a marker. Electric blue is the color of lightning ... Read more

Tuesday 7:00 PM

As I sit here typing this from my home on the water in Brooklyn - lightning is streaking across the sky echoing its voice with the roar of thunder as if having a personal conversation. The news is reporting a large outbreak of lightning strikes coming across the tri-state area. This comes with warnings to find a safe place once you hear thunder.

Wednesday 7:00 AM ...

The local news reported that three people were struck by lightning last night in Queens. Here's a video from NBC

Check out these pics

When Lightning Struck the Roof Just Above My Apartment - June 2018

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