Monday, August 6, 2018

Sacred Places are a Thing of the Past

Indonesia: July 2018 Lombok earthquake

Sacred places are being destroyed by not only war but mostly by environmental changes as if the destruction is part of a greater plan that allows people to let go of a past that once had meaning but were in fact just artifacts from days gone by telling of story of ancient times and people. They are part of old paradigms that no longer apply as we move beyond physical reality.

In case you still don't get the unstoppable Earth Changes - not to be blamed on humans or anything else other than the cycles of time in the simulation of this reality ... keep following events. The Lombok earthquake took place at a popular tourist attraction where people go to meditate and pray. Nothing is safe - Earth Changes no longer isolated incidents but telling a story of their own. It's all connected.

Look how close the Lombok earthquake is to Papua New Guinea - where it all begins. Always be prepared with money, supplies, gas, etc. Why cash? If the power grid goes down credit cards will be useless.

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