Saturday, August 18, 2018

Russia Declassified - Alien Agendas - Trump and Putin Colluding

US and Russian Alien Collusion? Watch the video to decide.

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Saturday August 18, 2018

From the beginning I thought Trump was "put in office" to reveal an alien agenda after decades of speculation - it is after all the end of the hologram and time for people to gain insight. Trump's ultimate agenda would be to bring some degree of truth about alien intervention and collusion in human history. Whereas presidents in the past considered it a national security risk to disclose information about aliens, my belief was that Trump wouldn't care about any of that and would step up, with proof at last.

Collusion takes us to Trump and Putin colluding about something beyond money and sex - something they both fear and hope to contain. [It makes me wonder if Omarosa's audios and videos are part of a greater plan to disseminate information.]

Last night Ancient Aliens aired an episode called Russia Declassified suggesting that at the highest level the United States and Russia have worked together going back as far as World War II on Alien agendas including downed UFOs as well as reverse engineering to bring us to where we are today in technology and space. Most of us know that's true so what's "waiting in the wings"?

"Russia Declassified" showed photos of two buildings on the moon - taken by the Russians before the 1969 Lunar Landing - both of which I "saw" using remote viewing years before I knew about any of this or met Ingo Swann.

A photo held by former cosmonaut Maria Popovich - who I interviewed on my TV show The Metaphysical Experience in the 1990s - mentions Phobos the innermost and larger of the two natural satellites of Mars and what appears to be a probe being shot down. There is no doubt that there is an extraterrestrial presence on Phobos and Mars. I've "seen" it. Some of you may have "seen" it so let's get things moving along.

The show ends with mention of a US military Space Force. I was waiting for that. Trump, Putin and Company are up to something.