Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hacking the US Midterm Elections - Stepping up the Games

Is there anybody who didn't foresee that not only the Russians, but others, would try to hack the US Midterm Elections? It's like a game.

Anything and anyone can be monitored and/or hacked. Does this go under the heading "turnabout is fair play" as everyone has entered the game?

If the simulation of our reality is created as part of a game/experiment, then the final round is stepping up along with technology, though all of this seems primitive to me.

We should be light-years ahead. Maybe I stepped into the wrong subroutine of this simulation. I see it as if playing a game on a flat 3D surface which seems dimensional but isn't from where I observe events.

The games should be played as multilevel holographic experiences integrating many aspects of the space-time equations simultaneously.

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