Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015

US Senior Citizens Day

National Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day honors the contributions of senior citizens in the United States.

Are we going to elect a senior citizen as the next president of the US?

If you happen to be former President Jimmy Carter and make it into your 90's, though currently diagnosed with cancer, you reflect on your achievements in life and feel grateful. Remember the Jimmy Carter UFO Incident in 1969? If he could have told us the truth he would have, but that information remains censored, so the story changed. There are those of us seniors who remember the original version.

Thursday, I read a Greek woman named Helen, 81, who also lives in Bay Ridge. Helen considers herself a lucky senior, has a husband of 52 years, a loving family, a home, and more. We talked about the current financial situation with Greece. She sends money to her family in Greece, as does another Greek woman I read this week whose parents can't live on reduced social security. Helen's main issue is health and the loss of many she loved. When you get to 81 you think about your health issues and how long you will live.

At 72 - I never think about dying - every day seen through the same eyes I've always experienced life. I also appreciate my life. Many evenings I relax on the sofa and watch the sun set over the bridge in spectacular shades of red, pink, turquoise, and more. It's my favorite place to be - combining city life with the serenity of the sky, the bridge, the Atlantic, the park, and everything else that surrounds me. With great health, family, friends, and new adventures each day, life doesn't get better than this at my age.

More Senior Moments

I just read about the recent passing of Whitley Strieber's wife, Anne.

The last time I saw them was here in the city when Whitley spoke at a book signing.