Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jon and Amy and Chuck
Making Statements

The focus remains on the twists and turns about who will be the last draft for Thursday's first Republican debate. Reality TV? Sports picks? Fraternity picks? Pick me! Pick me! I noticed Chris Christie on the final list and looking ... just a bit slimmer. I know ... you're thinking, "What reality are you in, Ellie?" Okay .. may it was the angle of the camera. Which candidate will be the master debater?

  The first GOP debate is Thursday: Here's what you need to know   CNN - August 4, 2015

Monday night, Jon Stewart made fun of the Republicans, as was expected. His guest was Amy Schumer, there for a lively discursive chat. I guess I'm not up on Amy, who turned down the opportunity to succeed Jon.. Amy was there to promote her new film Trainwreck, another sophomoric comedy.

Earlier in the day, I learned something else I didn't know about Amy. Her cousin is Chuck Schumer, US Senator from New York. Amy and Chuck were on the news discussing last month's tragic shooting at a Trainwreck showing in Lafayette, Louisiana and pleading for stricter gun control laws - never gonna happen. Sadly, reality is programmed to be a trainwreck.

Jon and Amy mentioned gun control then the conversation turned to lighter fodder as they talked about Amy's adventures last weekend in the Hamptons with Jennifer Lawrence.