Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Staring, Illusion, and
Shape Shifting

There are several ways to visually experience other aspects of your soul in different space-times.

One of the ways involves staring into a mirror in a dark room with a flashlight under your face. After a few seconds, or minutes, your facial features change and you see other aspects of your soul.

Another method involves sitting across from someone in a dimly lit room, staring into each other's eyes without moving, and watching that person morph over and over again into different aspects of their soul.

Sometimes, a photo in a darkly lit room will capture an image of someone that looks nothing like them here.

Several of my shape shifting moments can be found here.

As all is consciousness and projected illusion, anything goes.

Today, we find this article ...

Weird Things Happen When You Stare Into Someone's Eyes For 10 Minutes   Huffington Post - August 24, 2015
Staring into someone's eyes for as little as 10 seconds can be an intense experience of connection, or one of discomfort. So what happens when you look into a person's eyes for 10 minutes? Well, things can get weird. Really weird. A new Italian study finds that when people look into each other's eyes for a long period of time, they often experience symptoms of dissociation -- including feelings of detachment from one's body and from reality -- and full-on hallucinations. the hallucinations produced during interpersonal staring can bring to full consciousness certain subconscious beliefs or "non-integrated" parts of the self.