Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Memos

It started last Saturday with 8.8.8 and the Lion's Gate. Themes about lions, ancient Egypt, and the people who touched my life seeming to indicate that things are coming full circle.

What stands out most for me is:

    - morphing into Nefertiti, then the potential that archaeologists have found her tomb which happened near the end of my book "Sarah and Alexander"

    - meeting Yvonne Maria Schaefer from Germany, with connections to ancient Egypt, the film industry, and potentially the completion of "Sarah and Alexander", and more. There are many stories we may one day share with you that brings the story of Sarah and Alexander to life - the synchronicities endless.

    - I had to laugh the day of Steve Wozniak's birthday because he is known as "Woz" reminding me of the Wizard of Oz and then there was the mechanical lion. It's all tied together.

Today, we have the annual flooding of the Nile , the "Wow" Moment, and the anniversary of Woodstock (I was there).

I also blogged about:

    - Politics featuring Hillary Clinton

    - Prophecies (they never happen on the dates given because time is an illusion)

    - Spiritual conferences. Woodstock was held in a field as are some of today's conference. The question remains, do you have to go out of your comfort zone to get anything out of them? I say No because your body is too busy trying to create balance in its physical environment, yet some people need to be challenged to heal and evolve - or so they believe.

We arrive at today - Saturday - and I'm off to Basking Ridge, NJ with family. Early Friday morning, not far from Basking Ridge in Bedminster, there was a 2.7 earthquake (Ramapo Fault) that made the news. My family slept through it. Other told reporters what they experienced, most believing it was an isolated incident though we are all savvy to the fact that everything is changing.

Weather wise, the west coast braces for a nasty El Nino pattern - that will change weather patterns - as the east coast enjoys another great day. Enjoy ... change is about to happen...