Thursday, August 20, 2015

Coming Full Circle
Science and Religion
"Sarah and Alexander"

Last week, I blogged about prophecies and the Full Moon 4° Aries - Total Lunar Eclipse - Red Blood Moon on September 27-28, 2015. Yesterday, I realized that energy happens at the time Pope Francis visits Washington, DC., New York City and Philadelphia. As things seem to be coming full circle for me and others, this does not seem like a coincidence. Though I won't travel to the city to see the pope, the day he visits the 9/11 site (September 25th) the energies will run high enough for me to feel them here. People have asked if the Pope will open up about matters related to possible alien intervention, etc. Perhaps the door will open just a drop but he will admit nothing, yet it could activate the timelines.

We come to my screenplay "Sarah and Alexander". As I blogged last week, Yvonne Maria Schaefer feels so strongly connected to the project, she wants to produce it. Yesterday, we talked about updates and a new end time date for the story, but nothing felt right. I told her I would sleep on it and talk to Z.

FYI: This week has been all about Greek clients ... so much so I had to wonder what the connection was for me and "Sarah and Alexander" (S&A). This morning, I woke up before dawn and got it. S&A ends on July 4, 2012, the day the "God Particle" was discovered at CERN and nothing would be the same. When Giorgio A. Tsoukalos talked about it on an Ancient Aliens episode "The God Particle" - at that moment in time - I first made the connection between my story and the God Particle ... thanks, Georgio. "The God Particle" discusses science and religion ... it's all connected.


    The Pope visits North America ...

    Will things change and finally evolve? ... Let us pray ... LOL.

    Sorry, but it's all an algorithm that has its final scene as everything FADES TO BLACK.

As to Sarah and Alexander - the end of the script has to be updated - adding an epilogue to reflect what lies beyond for the souls. "The Seed" was planted by Sarah and Grandma Rose on Labor Day, September 1989 to come full bloom (circle) as the next seed of life at the end of the story.