Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Flight Risk

This is what I though happened to flight MH370 - something made it disappear, then I saw it crashed on a sunny beach - like a scene from the TV series "Lost" - passengers deceased.

Plane Said to Vanish, Reappear 10 Minutes Later: Time Slip?   Epoch Times - August 12, 2015
About 40 years ago, a passenger plane is said to have vanished as it pulled in for landing at the National Airport (now known as the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport). Emergency crews were quickly called in, the assumption being that the plane had somehow gone off course and perhaps crashed near the airport. As emergency vehicles gathered on the runway where the plane was last seen, it reappeared overhead. Ten minutes had passed, and the plane reappeared in the precise location it had vanished. The clocks on the plane, including passengers' watches, were all 10 minutes behind. To the people on the plane, those 10 minutes had never passed. As they looked out on the runway while the plane made its descent, it seemed to them that a group of emergency vehicles appeared out of thin air.

'Ghost plane' spotted in the skies of Derbyshire   Telegraph - August 12, 2015
A couple driving in Derbyshire were left "speechless" and after seeing a "ghost plane" fly over their car. Richard Jephson, 52 and his wife, Helen, were out in their car in Rowsley at around 2.30pm on Monday August 3. Richard, a business advisor, said: "We were approaching a retail outlet and started slowing down "I looked over and I could see a big plane, it looked like a Lancaster bomber, flying incredibly low - if it was any lower, it would have landed." "My car window was open and this plane was so low that you could touch it - but it was completely silent.

"It then flew across us, and near some trees - Helen shouted 'it's going to crash', we sort of braced ourselves for a crash but nothing happened." The couple arrived back at home to look online to see if anybody else had seen it. Richard said: "When we got in and turned on our television, the news was on saying that the last surviving Dambuster pilot had died - I said to Helen 'perhaps it was an enthusiast paying their respects', and Helen said 'perhaps it was him'. "It just left me speechless."

  'The ISS is being monitored by aliens': Conspiracy theorists spot yet another UFO hovering above the space station   Daily Mail- August 12, 2015
Another UFO has been spotted hovering over the International Space Station, conspiracy theorists claim. Footage allegedly taken from a Nasa camera shows a pink and white object soaring across space. It has reignited claims the ISS is being 'monitored by extra-terrestrials'. The latest supposed sighting comes after another Nasa video, shot from the ISS in June, which showed mysterious lights 'leaving' Earth before the stream cut.