Sunday, August 30, 2015


As August comes to a close, here in the city ...

    We face heat and humidity this week, after a great summer so can't complain.

    The football Jets beat the Giants last night, 28-18.

    Broadway lost a shining star when Les Miserables star Kyle Jean-Baptiste died in a fire escape accident. What a voice. He was the first African-American and youngest person ever (age 21) to play the lead role in Les Miserables on Broadway. He told Playbill magazine: "This was my dream since I was a little boy."

    Students don't return to school until Sept. 9, as I continue to read teachers. I still say the education systems across the country should be completely updated to meet the needs of today's students. They should never have to learn things they are programmed to ever use and they hate.

    One of my senior clients told me a story about a scam where someone claiming to be her grandson in trouble overseas asked for $5000 to bail him out. Smart Granny sensed it was a scam and notified police. Has that ever happened you? I've been approached in email but never by phone and never paid. It's important to check the facts before giving anyone money in this type of situation or any. A palm print often has a line that defines people who will never get their loan back if they lend money to others. (It's a short line on the Venus mount) Any money lent by these people must be thought of as a gift or there will be dire consequences.

    My palm print shows it ...

Speaking of fingers ...

The 32nd VMAs will be held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

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I generally love the show and record it. It's like a Donald Trump moment for music.
Don't judge. Enjoy the entertainment and perhaps connect.
They know how to work the room.

August 30 - September 7, 2015

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Gusty winds swirled the fine desert dust into sandstorms Saturday, causing near whiteout conditions during final preparations for Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Thousands of people are already inside the boundaries of the temporary city that will house 70,000 festival goers for a week starting this morning. The annual event on a remote playa two hours north of Reno is renowned for its near-total lack of commerce, art, music and performance events, and an anything-goes attitude.

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The Frightening Discovery of the Mount Owen Claw   Ancient Origins - August 30, 2015
early three decades ago, a team of archaeologists were carrying out an expedition inside a large cave system on Mount Owen in New Zealand when they stumbled across a frightening and unusual object. With little visibility in the dark cave, they wondered whether their eyes were deceiving them, as they could not fathom what lay before them - an enormous, dinosaur-like claw still intact with flesh and scaly skin. The claw was so well-preserved that it appeared to have come from something that had only died very recently. The archaeological team eagerly retrieved the claw and took it for analysis. The results were astounding; the mysterious claw was found to be the 3,300-year-old mummified remains of an upland moa, a large prehistoric bird that had disappeared from existence centuries earlier.

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