Monday, August 17, 2015

Coming Full Circle

Once upon a time we met by the obelisk you and I ...
nothing more than shadows cast in the sands of time.

Everything in physical reality has a shelf life and expiration date, including those who experience in off-world programs. We are here to experience in one or more realities simultaneously - sometimes at the moment of historic change. We need change. We are programmed for it. It tests our patience, imagination, and emotions. This experiment started in what we now call the Middle East and focuses there today. Remember that we are part of a multiplex system of consciousness grids that are aligning as we connect the dots and weave through their imagery. Many things seem to be coming full circle in my life these days ... maybe because I'm in a 9 Year or for other reasons that are part of the greater blueprint of our original design.

We met by the obelisk, not far from the pyramid.

Friday August 7, 2015 ... William and Ellie at Fort Hamilton

Historic Fort Hamilton takes us to the American Revolution with all of its Masonic symbolism and architecture highlighted in the nation's capitol, Washington, D.C. George Washington was guided (programmed) to what was set in place in his timeline but today things are changing as we move towards the presidential election of 2016 and people have come to understand that the Washington political machine doesn't work.

It's a sad commentary on what George Washington conceived in the 18th century - to what is happening today - a broken system that was doomed to failure. With Donald Trump moving ahead in the polls - announcing some of his potential policies on Meet the Press, Sunday morning - those who hate the Washington political machine - are following what he has to say and could vote for him. That he is against abortion reminds me of the old days and what women went through to abort a fetus. Nasty stuff that should not be revisited. Meet the Press also interviewed Bernie Sanders so I googled him - born in Brooklyn two years older than me ... which I believe makes him too old to run ... but has some very interesting things to say ... though I don't see him winning. Politicians promise a lot but as history has shown, seldom deliver. Obama ... I never liked Obamacare or the deal with Iran. It would be great to have an election this year - not by parties as most people don't affiliate with one or the other - but to make change now.

  Poll: GOP establishment candidates falling   CNN - August 17, 2015
A trio of Republican establishment favorites -- Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio -- are all losing ground in the party's 2016 presidential field, a new Fox News poll shows. Donald Trump, meanwhile, continues to dominate the race -- earning 25% support nationally while another outsider, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, is running second at 12%, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, known for locking horns with Republican congressional leaders, is third at 10%.

Continued Adventures in the Park

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