Monday, August 10, 2015

Egyptian Ceremonies with
Ellie and Company

Sunday August 9, 2015

Catherine, who also lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn had a ceremony
in the park across the street.

The theme was Ancient Egypt the Opet Festival

Photos by Andrea

I morphed into an older version of Nefertiti as we took this picture.

My hair appears bigger in the back - my cheekbones highlighted though I wasn't wearing blush.

Last August, I morphed into Dilmun the Reptilian.

It's all about shifting your consciousness grid to another aspect of your soul. Fun stuff.

Reflections - This is a mirror in my hallway reflecting into my bedroom and another mirror.
Angela and I were not sure why there was a line defining color (hall) from black and white (bedroom).
Color reflects physical reality while black and white is the dream or other dimensions.

Does anyone else see an Ibis bird or Thoth the Scribe and Magician?

This is up for interpretation

Ancient Egypt

In the Park

Ellie and Catherine

Meryl and Catherine

Catherine used Angel Cards to define what would be healed during her ceremony.

It was an interesting trip down memory lane about the connection of mythological
Atlantis and its link with Ancient Egypt and what many are working through today.

It was about the Myth, Math, and Magic of the hologram transcending space and time
and one's interpretation of events based on their programming.

Before the actual ceremony started I saw Ra (Thoth) and knew it was time to go home.

Saturday was August 8, 2014 or 8.8.8 a day many saw as a stargate linked to Sirius or Isis
and the Lion's Gate - the Lion as we know is Thoth or Z.

Today, Isis takes on many definitions as she takes down the old hologram to create anew ...

There's a New Moon 21° Leo on Friday August 14

We experience in the Lion's tale/tail - (Leo) - projected illusion - stories on a screen (MGM).

Last month a beloved lion named Cecil was tracked down and killed.

Is this a symbol of the end of the illusion or hologram?