Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lion's Gate

I spoke to my friend Joe who says this is called the "Lion's Gate Portal".

Tonight in Central Park there is stargate activation near Cleopatra's Needle.

Alignment of Sirius and the Galactic Center - 7:30 - 10pm

Now check this out... while I was talking to Joe, he mentioned Catherine Outeiral, the lady I thought was having her meditation group in the park two weeks ago when I wound up at the book club meeting. I looked Catherine up on Facebook and emailed asking about a group meeting. Then, I scrolled down her page and discovered this synchronicity... Email if you want to meet me there. Sounds like the start of another blog. FYI: The park gets chilly at night.

As we did in the Old Kingdom, we celebrate the Feast of Opet and the Egyptian New Year. Traditionally, this Feast was celebrated on July 19th in The Old Kingdom. Everything has shifted with the changes in the Flood Tides. We will celebrate this day symbolically with a series of rituals to mark The New Year and The Feast of Opet.

Traditionally, at the Feast of Opet, the Gods Ra, Min, And Bastet were taken from The Temples Of Karnak and then paraded through the streets of Egypt until they arrived at Luxor Temple. In later years, this journey would only happen with one God, Ra. When the reached Luxor Temple, in the Holy of the Holies, one of the Temple High Priests would pretend to be the God Ra. He would restore the Divinity to the King in ritualistic fashion in a secret room of Luxor Temple.

This event occurred each year in the Old Kingdom in the land of Egypt, to restore the heart and soul of Egypt-land and bring in abundance for the coming year. We symbolically come together at this event, to remove all obstacles from our heart and soul, and to align with the Divine Plan for us at this time.

This is a channeled event. We will begin the event by aligning the Upper and Lower Gates (The Chakras). We will also symbolically restore the power of the God Ra at this event, with an angelic attunement given by Catherine, specifically for those who come out to this event. The group will also be given a message by the angelic realm for the evening!

Event Date: August 9th 7pm to 9pm

Event Fee: $15 through Paypal (Till Midnight Aug. 8th). $20 (cash only) at the park. To Register and pay: When you pay through PayPal, please include your full name and cell phone number.

Event Location: Cannon Ball Park, 101st Street and 4th Avenue, Bklyn NY. From Mid-town Manhattan:
Take R Train to Bay ridge, Exit at 95th Street. Walk down to 101st Street. Aprox: 45 minutes from 34th Street.