Saturday, August 8, 2015

Today is Saturday
August 8, 2015
or 8.8.8

Does it hold a "key" for you?

Close your eyes. Visualize 888.

What do you experience?

Ellie Visits Fort Hamilton

Friday, August 7, 2015

After reading my clients, I met my friend William from Brooklyn, who is retired from the army and took me to Fort Hamilton on a gorgeous day in the city. As Fort Hamilton is just down the street from my home ... we walked there ... going through security before entering. I only visited the base once in the 24 years I've lived here - for a Christmas party in 2008. I have clients who live and work at Fort Hamilton but they come to my home for readings.

Generally, the soldiers spend their time on the base while in uniform - but since 9/11 - when the country goes on high alert - things have changed. I'll never forget the day I woke up early and looked out to see soldiers wearing gas masks as they marched down the street into Fort Hamilton. We live in a time where the enemy comes in many unseen ways - biological warfare, technology, space, and more. Working with law enforcement has taken a more active role in my life.

As William and I walked around we passed the barracks - William pointing out the senior officers' quarters - very nice with a view of the ocean. One could not help but notice the beautifully manicured grounds - the fragrance of freshly cut grass permeating the area. Though William was never stationed at Fort Hamilton, he knows his way around as he works at the VA Hospital not far from here. After leaving the military, William went back to his passion for music and as of late has been recording in a studio in Queens. Sometimes your dreams can be put on hold, but time permitting, can be revisited.

The energies were wonderful ... the soldiers friendly ... if not flirtatious ... if I was only younger. As it was after 5:00 pm - most were not in uniform.

Families were packing up to go home after a day at the pool as a group of children finished a football game (far left). The first picture is William in the outdoor recreation area with the Verrazano Bridge off to the far left in the picture.

Lots of places for us and eat outdoors as well as a pool we didn't use.

Fort Hamilton overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and Verrazano Bridge just to the right in this picture.

The salute ... I think I did it wrong...

Inside I met some of William's friends at the bar.

Hanging out. Great energy. Laughter. Eating. Loud music. Dancing.

This leads to Offices. Clubhouse. Recreation Area. More.

One of William's friends took this picture of us.

Until our next adventure ... We salute you.