Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Roundup

Last night, my friend Joe told me about an 8.8.8 Lion's Gate Event in Central Park. That took me back to August 8, 2008 and a similar event. Though we both knew people attending, and respect their work, the days we got involved with group events like this seemed like ancient history. It's all about healing and energy and portals and whatever people used to think would change things, but we know that doesn't work. It's like chasing UFOs in the desert, standing in crop circles, or wherever people used to do ... Next ... Is there a Next?

Step 1 - To meet and have fun with others beyond mainstream thinking is always fun, once you've crossed the line into finding truth.

Step 2 - Healing and energy - synchronicities - undersigning religion and myth - and whatever you're programmed to experience to wake you up.

Step 3 - Understanding how the hologram works and wondering when we move out of here.

Step 4 - Gone


All of my clients last week came here for their readings, none were phone readings. A new pattern presented itself. The majority of clients were Hispanic from: Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. My friend William - mentioned on Friday's blog - is Puerto Rican. My Sinkhole Blog took me to an area of Brooklyn that is largely Hispanic. Interesting commentary on the changing ethnicity in the United States.

Facebook Post today from David Wilcock

In the "Now That's Gonna Make Me Grumpy" department, right after our site finally recovered from a 10-day hack, the woman I am now living with got hit from behind in a car accident. The driver was a hit-and-run. She intuitively sensed it and was fast enough to get his license plate number on her phone. We have been in touch with police, car insurance, you name it. Three people in a line were hit by this guy. This is just the latest and most intense of so many "negative greetings" that have been happening before, during and after we started doing Cosmic Disclosure that it does not appear to be a conventional accident.

Please spare us the sociopathic comments that we made this up or it is somehow a publicity stunt. She may have whiplash and we are more than ready to come forward and testify to what happened. As I said, this is only the latest in a series of increasingly violent attacks against us, including death threats requiring that police come to the house, you name it.

She only just moved in within the last month. The resistance didn't waste any time in taking a shot at her. We also almost lost her dog to anaphylactic shock from a bee sting during the most recent tapings, and then the next day our head of production's dog actually had to be put to sleep.

Crazy, crazy stuff. She is OK and that is what is important. These moves reek of total desperation. The damage to her rear bumper is quite strong and we cannot get the trunk to open. This makes me even more convinced that I need to document all of this stuff at once in the next website post. If I am still around, I am going to at least go out in a blaze of glory! LOL