Sunday, July 31, 2016

A String of Beads

As Crystalinks is about to reach its 21st birthday on August 25 ... a long time reader of Ellie's World created a necklace for me based on my frequencies. She goes by Maka, lives in Homer, Alaska (interesting that auto correct typed her home as Atlantis). Maka has created jewelry for many famous people in the past. Today, she sent me this necklace and note. Thank you Maka. It is beautiful.

Dear Ellie,

I would like to explain why and how I made the necklace for you. First of all, Thoth brought you to me via Crystalinks years ago. I have been on his trail since the sixties. I loved him when he became Quetzalcoatl in the South after he was banned from Egypt by his brother Marduk. Like many, I feel a connection to his energies and teachings going back to the times of the ancient mystery schools.

I am a Southern Baptist Deacon's daughter, so my studies of creation (and other important studies) were limited to just the bible until I left home at 17. When I branched off, I learned Astrology, about the healing powers of gemstones, the frequencies of tones, the power in numbers, and that my family is The Family of Man. My life has been filled with twists and turns, modern life and ancient beginnings, but I always come back to Thoth and Atlantean wisdom for answers.

As a hippie of the sixties, I have always been interested in Love Beads and the energy they seem to project on me and other people, so one of my talents begat the art of beadwork. Putting together the precious stones with beautiful glass beads created a special aura of love in every piece, most every time, so then I started seeing how certain beads attracted certain people. The one I made for you is the Healing Coat of Many Colors. Enjoy its energies as they guide you to Thoth, by any name.

Much love,
Maka in Alaska

The Economy after the 2016 Presidential Election

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, things will pretty much continue on as they are, gradually changing but predictable. If Donald Trump becomes president, everything changes. If you are planning to open a business or start a new job, whatever it is you're planning to do to make money, wait until November when you see who wins the election, then you will know the direction to take ... or not.

Trump represents the chaotic nature of Aquarius, as many people believe that is our timeline. Each day will bring something different and exciting, be that in a positive or negative way. As Aquarius represents the unexpected, this is indeed our future. Be prepared for sudden and unexpected change in many paradigms that we are playing out.

Many people see our economy crashing in the not-too-distant future especially as October always brings upheaval. This may be a reflection of major changes that are about to happen. Nothing ever stays the same.