Friday, July 15, 2016

What do you expect
them to say?

Every candidate preaches about making things better. Some actually have a plan to get things done if they can eventually pull it off.

Every elected official pretty much says the same about making things better. In duality they meet with ongoing obstacles.

People lie so as not to hurt the feelings of others they care about or to get in trouble. The truth will out.

People embellish or exaggerate due to low self esteem.

Everyone on social media uses it as a platform for their issues and often make uncalled for comments just to vent and be hurtful (mental illness, bullies, attention seekers, etc.)

ISIS takes claim for most acts of terrorism these days, if not physically, by radicalization.

Words have power. The things people say are usually predictable as everyone is playing out their roles.

Bastille Day 2016 - Attack in Nice

July 14, 2016 Terrorist Attack in Nice Wikipedia

  Live updates: Truck driver attacks crowd in Nice, killing dozens - Two Americans  
CNN - July 15, 2016

  At least 84 people have died, including children in the southern French city of Nice  
BBC - July 15, 2016

Bastille Day 2016 and the Roles We Play
    Past Lives, Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton, The Fight For Freedom, Attack in Nice, France

July 15, 2016


Ghostbusters (2016 film)   Google Videos

The real-life science-based religion that inspired Ghostbusters  
Blastr - July 14, 2016

The MIT Physicists Who Infused Ghostbusters With Real Science  
Wired - July 14, 2016

The (Real) Ghost-Hunting History of the Aykroyds  
Mental Floss - July 14, 2016

Ghosts are projected illusion in another grid reality

Science, Pseudoscience, History, News


Memory is about focus - which goes by many names: attention span, mindfulness, conscious awareness, recall, recapture, reflection ... It is influenced by learning disorders, emotional problems, and other factors. As you get older, your ability to multitask and focus diminishes, so doing a workaround helps get everything done efficiently.

Middle-age memory decline a matter of changing focus   Science Daily - July 12, 2016
The inability to remember details, such as the location of objects, begins in early midlife (the 40s) and may be the result of a change in what information the brain focuses on during memory formation and retrieval, rather than a decline in brain function. Brain changes associated with dementia are now thought to arise decades before the onset of symptoms. So a key question in current memory research concerns which changes to the aging brain are normal and which are not.

Alan Turing Gay Mathematical Visionary

Alan Turing

  Alan Turing Google Videos

Alan Turing was an award wining English computer scientist,
mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist.

  Can One Mathematical Model Explain All Patterns In Nature?   Discovery - July 14, 2016
All patterns in nature might be describable using this mathematical theory. How did Alan Turing influence how we see the natural world? Alan Turing is one of humanity's bonafide heroes. During World War II, he cracked the German Enigma code, a breakthrough which many historians believe won the war for the Allies. He also devised a test for determining artificial intelligence -- about 50 years before artificial intelligence even existed. One of Turing's most fascinating achievements concerns his lifelong obsession with the relationship between mathematics and organic life. Turing wanted to create a theory that would explain why certain patterns recur over and over in the natural world -- the spiral pattern of petals on a flower, say, or the stripes on a zebra.

Storm Clouds over the Verrazano Bridge Thursday Afternoon

More files on the Verrazano Bridge

Thursday's pic from APOD reminds me of creation.

Spiraling consciousness bringing forth soul sparks of light
the top left looking like a fetus to me.

The center is the white light many see as creation but to go beyond is a black hole
through which objects in the simulation emerge to create the Holographic Universe.